Chiamata del destino, possibile bug

Hello, there is a problem in the calls of destiny, it happens that if you have a number of calls (for example 99 calls) and I make another 10, once you reach 100 calls the other 9 will not count them for the next calls , i was 97 calls i made 11 more singles with new event tokens, then a x10 of 2600 gems, and it only counted 3 calls once i chose the hero the portal did not count the other 18 calls in excess, this bug must be corrected, because unconsciously one calls many times without realizing it and loses the opportunity to summon a hero that is useful to him, it also happened last time (this is the 3 hero I get through the call of destiny) but I was not sure what I had noticed, I thought I was wrong, today I am sure, I hope you correct this problem and that I will be returned at least the calls that have not counted me, waiting for your answer I greet you

Sadly its not a bug. Its working as intended.

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good morning everyone, yes in fact it is normal and it works well, I read the instructions well and unfortunately I, like many others, ran into the same problem, thinking that it was like in the path of values ​​that independent from the calls you counted the heroes but it is not so, however good that this has been voiced at least other players do not understand the same, however if they correct everything by making sure that the excess of calls will count it maybe it would be better, because from my oversight I lost 40 heroes between before and now in plus the opportunity to have another hero

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