Chewbacca [JRW]

I have sent it in to the devs and ive gotten feedback from them. However, they keep saying i need to log i to my google play account that has my correct account to it. I only have the one account that I have had for the past 8 yrs. Ive restarted my phone, uninstalled and installed back, ive cleared my cache in game, ive done EVERYTHING and I cannot get my account back. Any ideas on what I should do? Ive been playing for almost 2 yrs, level 48, in an amazing alliance, spent god knows how much money, and my max TP is 4157. So yes this royally sucks. I am highly pissed off at this. So much time and its like poof screw you start back over. The sign in button on settings ive tried. I hit sign in screen goes dark for a split second and then goes back to normal with the sign in button highlighted and not doing anything.

I don’t know what you did, so apologies if I will say too obvious things you have to do. Uninstall the game. Just open Google Play, the green icon, then search for the game and install it. Normally, you shouldn’t search, the game should appear on the screen. Then enter the game from there. After you recovered your account, should contact support again and tell them to change your game account number asap.

The most frequent mistakes the players do with their GP accounts, are in the settings. No setting, no matter is general or your profile, should be open (green button). The only setting I keep open is “automatically sign in to supported games”. This setting actually will help you to enter your account automatically. The good thing with this game is no hacker in the world can change the email address assigned to the game account. So, if you reinstall the game via GP, if you have that setting on (the rest of them should be off, like I said, for more safety), then you will enter in game automatically.

But if your GP account is one was hacked, then no one in this world can help you and SG is not responsible for this. Go check your Google account. Every time when is an attempt to log in your account by someone else, Google notifies you. Anyway, you should change your password as well.