Chevron for The Beloved!

How about a new ultra rare ascension chevron!
I would propose 3.(1) ^10% which would increase hero current stats and special by 10% (2) ^5%common ailment which would increase stats by 5% plus add the common ailment for that element or alt ailment if one already exsists.
(3) ^5%common buff, increase stats 5% plus add common buff or alt if one already exists. Would need 1 chevron plus 4tier ham to upgrade a 3* further stat increase for leveling across the board could be flat rate each chevron for attack defense and health. Enough to make them comparable to existing 4* heroes. Obviously some would garner more desirability than others.

Could also be a splash damage/AoE chevron but the dynamics of that I hadn’t considered until writing this.

Could be implemented with 4* as well maybe requiring 2 chevrons for upgrade and only 10 more possible level points to bring them to 80 as 5* heroes.

I always look at Nashgar and Valen and think “you guys coulda been numbered amount the greats!”

Chevron could be a chance in epic hero summon or maybe even a challenge event thing.