Chests giving nothing

My question is am I crazy or what? I opened now 3rd titan chest and got absolutely nothing. Less then nothing.

Last gave me like 5 cleric tokens and like 50k food and iron also some useless battle items.

This is happening a lot lately. We need the most time to open this titan and war chest and then you get nothing. What is the point of all this chests if you don’t get nothing. I am a believer but hell after so much time in this game it’s like fools gold.

I stopped believing in anything in this game to get for free only if I pay. Very very disappointed.


By nothing you mean the chest is literally empty, or just contains items of low value for you?

Just containing low value items and resources.

Titan chests aren’t usually much better than regular monster chests… don’t worry about it… only chests that should worry you if they gain you nothing are the elemental chests.


I agree,
Titan chests are absolutely disgusting.
Kill 5x Titans & you basically get a slap in the face for it.

Yes, once in a blue moon you do get something of value, & that’s what ppl post screenshots of, but that is not the norm.

The norm is, A SLAP İN THE FACE!


I’ve been tracking loot from randomized sources over the past month in the hope that I was crazy and would be proven wrong but no, it’s alarming how bad it actually is.
I can’t really knock the drop rates from titan loot but that’s playing at a level that not many players are at.
Wanted chests that are available to everyone (elemental and war included, although the data pool is slim) are tragic.

After I was talking nothing was coming. Finally got something from titan and war chest.!


That inspires hope! My last warchest (100% participation) had boots and a chainmail shirt, my two latest elemental chests had boots and battle manuals. Out of the last ten titans (A or B on 10 and 11*) I’ve gotten one sturdy shield. Titan chests are a joke.

It totally sucks… but: I’ve also found tabards in monster chests and MV and orbs in raid chests. I have a feeling that in the long run the drop rate pretty much evens out. At least that’s something to tell oneself, when next titan once again gives rope and rope…

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haha the definition of RNG ! nice score :slight_smile:

And we are back to same routine as alway horrible chest.

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