Chest speeding up nerf

I think speeding up chests got nerfed. I usually let them refresh by theirselfs in the morning and speed up 3 chests during the day, I never got a wait time on the first 3 (sometimes I could even do a 4th with a wait time and still let them refresh in the morning). But the last couple of days my third chest speed up has a wait time, I still manage, but am a bit annoyed by the silent nerf.

Not that I’ve noticed. I still knock out the same Amount of Monster chest every day and the wait time has been there since February when I started speeding them up. I have noticed the loot is crappy when you speed it up.

How many chests do you do each day then? Seems weird that something changed for me and not for you. I have been speeding up chests since 9 months or something like that.

1 raid and if I time it just right I can knock out 4 monster chest a day

I could easily fill 4 chests but the timer prevents me so it’s only 3 for me.

I have to Time it perfect 12am I start to fill the chest as quick as possible loot tickets help for that. I fill it with a mix of 12-9,10-6,11-6,13-6. As soon as it’s filled and I collect the loot I immediately skip the wait. I then repeat again as fast as I can. I do this 3 times because mine lets me skip 2-3 times before I have to wait. After the wait time (( not sure how long but it’s not the full 11 hours)) and it let’s me skip I do it again. Filling the chest quickly helps me get to the next one. I do 3-4 a day. Hope this helps.

Ok, I do it very different, lol. I let both chests refresh in the morning around 7 am. I fill the monster chest and start on the raid chest. I fill the monster chest with combination of quests and 8-7. Once my world energy is full I skip the timer for the monsterchest and fill it again in the same way. I usually do a second raidchest too (except when I have a bad raid day and I am not full on energy before 6 pm and don’t have a raidflask, because it takes at least 2 hours to fill), if I don’t I will do a 4th monsterchest, but otherwise mostly 3 of those, but before I sometimes was able to do an extra (4th) skip and the first 3 skips were without waittime, now the third does have a waittime, although I seem to be able to fill the last monsterchest just before 7pm, which is what I need with my schedule. It does take more planning though and def not able to do that extra chest anymore.

That‘s a good and efficient way to speed your chests. Speeding for 20 Gems with Flask ain‘t worth it lol :joy:

At first when I did the math and the loot that comes with speeding up chest I thought it wasn’t worth it until someone explained why it’s better. And it does speed up a element chest. I’ve had about 3 element chest for the month of May Have had good ascension items gems and even epic tokens in it. Have you tracked your element chest at all?

Accelerating monster chest for gems

i’ve also got 3 elemental chests in may and i only speed the chest when it costs 1 gem i usually do 3 chest a day, 4 if i get good raids, so it’s RNG with the elemental, most i ever had to fill to get one was 57 chests and i had as low as 22 before getting one

Considering how gutted the elemental chests are now, is it even worth it anymore?

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My last elemental chest did have 40 gems, besides only farmable materials and 3 silver tokens, I guess those gems can speed up a few chests. But the diamond raid chests do contain some goodies every once in a while and so do the monsterchests (although not very often).
I don’t know, but I like farming with the purpose of filling a chest better, so I keep doing it anyway.
@maliciousbuthot I am not really a keeping track kind of person, so no numbers on the amount of elemental chests here :wink:

All in all I think it is worth it

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