Chest Rewards

So it looks like something is missing on the right side…is it a bug?

No my guy, just a bad chest

No, it’s not a bug. Just a great chest. :wink: (Just kidding) The content of the chests is always shown like this; but as there are more items most times, you don’t realize it. It’s different to the content of the mystic vision, which is shown in the centre of the display panel.

You can even get the same but 1 gem.

Wohoo :unicorn:

No, not really, considering the pathetic & useless rewards this game dishes out, this is considered an excellent chest.

Feels like the chests get worse every week!

That’s a lot of iron!

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The chest items display from left to right. The chest is displaying correctly, though we might want more items! :wink:

Nothing better than an excellent chest. See Natalya. :wink: