Chest loot?

So… Is it just me or did they silently nerfed chest and colored chest loot?

From when compared to when? In 1.12? Before Christmas?
How many rare chests are you comparing?

I know I personally always feel like they’ve nerfed the chests when I get dissapointing rewards. It always feels like rewards should be better than they are.

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The color chests have been giving “worse” loot for a long time. As long as I’ve been playing (5 months) people have been talking about it.
What comes to normal chests and latest patch: I have received 2(!!!) 4* AM from normal monster chests in the latest patch. So my anecdotal evidence is that the chests have been buffed! a lot! :wink:

I got 2 color chests & yes. Loot are nerfed. Or me is unluck )
same with regular chests: before 1.12 update, as for me, loot was more nice: less resourses i’ve got & less plants. But… not many time came from 1.12. Mb its only my opinian

Yes Christmas, after that it took a deep dive

The last at least 5 to 6 colored were trash… No 4* AM for a long time…

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Please share the data, maybe more people can contribute.

Without hard data, I don’t know.

For instance…I think I got a rare chest about a month ago, but I don’t track them. I know I don’t Raid daily, so how does that affect my rare chest numbers? Hmm

I believe they have nerfed them. The following Pics show chests, which my wife and i got 2 and 3 Days ago. No more 4* items, epic tokens and no more 50 gems. Only 30 or 40 gems and Silver tokens.

I get around 4-8 3 star and 2-4 4 star non farmable Ascension materials per month. Some come from chests. I’ve received 3 non farmable mats from normal, platinum and Titan chests this week. Now they added the war chest that’s just more mats and tokens.

This one is pretty nice

Didn’t keep a snapshot but last yellow chest loot I received:
Trap tools
Poison darts
1x Epic hero token
2x silver token
1x trainer

I do admit sometimes the loot truly sux

The only “nerfy” thing I noticed is that my first elemental chests (I started playing last October) always included epic hero tokens, now it’s really rare (mostly 3x silver ones or 2x silver ones + 1x epic troop token).

And they always had 2 unfarmables!

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