Chest loot from Monsters and Raids

I think everybody have notice, that its accencion loot disappered from everywher. Didn’t see any accsension loot after update here, only 1-2 star heroes.

If earlier I was waiting 5 titans (titan chest) to get normal loot, as 4* royal tabard or tom of tactics. But now, even that chest doesn’t garamty You anything. As I understand, You need to be diamond fo something good, another way You’ll take just $hit

You posted ten chests with no 3/4* ascension items.

Edit: and notably, many of these chests were for low grade raiding missions, which we know have relatively poor reward structures.

How many ascension items did you expect to get in ten sort of shoddy chests?

Today is day five for me since the latest update.
In that time, we have killed four titans, two of which gave me 3* ascension materials (sturdy shield and trap tools), I’ve opened one titan chest which gave me another set of trap tools, six platinum and two diamond chests from which I have received two warm capes (both from platinum incidentally, both the diamond chests were garbage, but it is only two), and I have just received a farsight scope from a monster chest (I’ve probably opened around 14 since updating)

You’re in a dry spell, it happens to all of us.

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There are only one rare chest in the month, its not normal. Loot from there were poor. And at this month I take only 1 Orb of magic, and thats all , after some time of awful chests I decide to make screenshots with loot, and You know, You can tell any what You want, but I don’t take any good for this time.
Earlier I took once in-3-4 chest I take something great, good and ok, and know every chest is awful.

Thats pretty much the same kind of hero chests I get in the Diamond-bracket.

And 1 more, while updating, it doesn’t shows new content, till You dellet previous version and install new, so my numbers of id is changed again, and I think that it may take part of luck, if this like casino.

If chance to win normal loot from 10 different chests is so small, maybe You are making something wrong?

Ok. If its the same , maybe problem in chance of normal loot?

I was talking not just after update, before it was the hole line of unlucky chests

I don’t want to toch Your luck, but it’s pretty good, that You have, and hope it will be in future

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I know, it’s a very good run of luck, but I don’t expect it to last for much longer. Soon I’ll be crying for weeks over hidden blades again, but then I can get another decent run of fortune later on. it’s just how it goes for all of us

I’m not seeing any changes to the Monster and Titan Wanted chests with v1.10. Mostly crap, an occasional lucky rare mat.

Raid chests have definitely shifted. Worse odds of rare things in low-level raid chests, better odds in high-level raid chests.

10 Chests might seem like a lot, but it’s really not, sorry to say…
I’m averaging about 5 chests (4 monsters and 1 Raid) daily. I’ve only received one 5* ascension item from a raid chest, the rest have come from monster chests (rare) but the big prize (for me) that never disappointing are the elemental chests. I’ve gotten two elemental chests since the update. And the following for a combined 30+ chests more or less:

  • 3 Orbs
  • 2 Scopes
  • 1 Darts
  • 1 Warm Cape
  • 1 Warm Gloves
  • 1 Mysterious Potion

The “new” raid chests are no good, mostly, if your looking for ascension items. I should know, I get at least 1 or 2 a day at platinum. And the titan chests are no better to tell you the truth. So, I focus on my daily quota of monster/raid chests. That’s where I get the bang for my buck…

And again, and I don’t know what must happened, that elemental chest appear once a week, moon with son must to change with places.

Its not right, it cannot be so bad for a long time

So “once in 3-4 chest” you think you used to receive “something great”. I guess when you say “something great” you mean 3-4 star ascension items, right? And how many chests would you say you’re opening each day? Two monster plus one Titan plus one or two raids, plus one or two mystic vision, right? Shall we say, six? Let’s say five, to be conservative.

So your expectation is to receive at least one three or four star ascension item each day, on average - actually closer to two a day. That’s about 30-50 a month.

How long do you think the game would continue to be interesting, if we could harvest 30-50 three or four star ascension items each month?

Got my first good piece of loot in the diamond tier today…a sturdy shield. At least I know it can happen now…lol.

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I got an orb in a diamond raid chest today. Very welcomed.

My expectations about the game and chest are like that:
Each fifth-tenth Raid chest IT MUST BE 3 or 4* acsencion at that chest.
Each fifth-tenth Monnster chest it must be 3* or 4* acsencion at the chest.
One of 5 titan fights it must one 3 or 4* loot for acsencion , necessary, and each titan chest must to earn great 4* loot and 4* -5* acsencion loot.

Because! Its many heroes, many tactics, and that who are playing must to see result.
I don’t even talk about elementary rear chests, it must be allways there.

Your expectations of how often you think you should get ascension items from those chests isn’t anywhere close to how it actually is. I think you need to lower your expectations or you’re just going to be disappointed a lot.

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If I wont expect that, I will have no reason to catch heroes from the tokens and won’t try to get 5*.

And SG need another

@Moreozz This game requires a long horizon. One wit called it “Empires & Patience”. The pace in months, not weeks.

I started an alt right at the end of 2017. Very low budget; all the rare mats came from work and luck (OK, I spent 75 gems to continue one rare quest.)

I’ve gotten 31 non-farmable ascension items in these two months, or just about 4 per week. That’s from a combination of mystic visions, wanted chests, elemental chests, titans, and rare quests. (My team wasn’t good enough to complete even intermediate in Avalon; hoping for better in Guardians!) I’ve only been able to ascend one hero using rare mats yet.

I hope that helps you set a more realistic target for what you might expect. It’s been about this pace as long as I’ve been playing. I guess some of us enjoy the journey.