Chest cooldown timers not displaying correctly in v21

I’ve an issue with timers(monster chest and titan timer) not working correctly since i update the app today, the issue is that once you lock your phone the timer freezes and doesn’t count the time, the only i could fix this issue was to kill the app and relaunching it again.

is it still doing it? (i couldn’t replicate the error.)

Reboot your device…

Happened on two different occasions, the last one I received the notification that the new titan had appeared and when I got on the game the timer displayed 26 min until titan appears, restarting the app solved the issue on both occasions, I rebooted the phone already if it appears again I’ll grab a shot

@Petri @Rook @KLinMayhem here is the timer shown in the game

And here after I restarted the app notice the time on the pics

Right, I have the same issue and is not limited to chest timer but also flag timer and count.

I know I have enough flags for farming, before I minimize the game it only need 2 minutes to refill but when 5 minutes later I return, it still showing 2 minutes and the flag have not been refilled. I thought it was just visual bug but when I try to farm, it said I don’t have enough flags.

I have to close and reopen the game before the flags counted correctly and can be used for farming.

It seems the issue here is about our app and the server become unsynchronized when the game is minimized. Anyway, it might be part of more broad timer issue, I have read some other threads and there were titan timer and training camp timer issue as well.

FYI: I’m on android.

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Last night this said 18hrs left, 20hrs later 16hrs left yet others in alliance are finished

The clock is correct. There are still 16 hours left in the tourney. If a player has had 4 defeats then the tourney is indeed over for them (attack-wise), but their defense is still active until the whole tourney is over.

Hopefully this is what you are asking or do their actual clocks say the tourney in over? In that case, please see if they do a screenshot as it may be an actual bug.

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My friends timer was dwn too 5hrs when I was at 17hrs,

Just seemed odd tht last night was at 18hrs, about 20hrs was at 16:53

It could be part of the whole new issue with timers. I’ll have @Garanwyn keep an eye on this post too.

It may have to be merged to this thread if it’s all the same problem

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It almost certainly has to be. Merged. Thanks! :heart_decoration:

New update is causing countdown timers to freeze and don’t show correct time remaining when screen goes to sleep or powered off. Must logout/login game for it to show correct time remaining on everything, also creating issues in alliance chat, doesn’t post all sent messages when game timers are frozen…so annoying to have to reload everytime

When I turn off my display on mobil (this mean I do not turn off aplication) also all my time countdowns are stoped. This include wanted missions and buildings in progress. After I restart aplication time countdowns are back in normal. See 2 pictures capted 10 seconds between each other. The most visible in 100/100 wanted mission.


Androind 9
Sony XA2
Aplication 21.0.1

Its known issue.



Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


Thank you sorry I did not find this bug in knows issues.

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