Chesire Cat not charged up when everyone else did

I was in a raid, my 3rd-ish move was to release a purple diamond when everyone charged up from my team except the fast Cheshire Cat in the middle slot. This is truely interesting because the 2 rigards are average mana (the total number of purp tiles were 10 I believe)
None of the enemy champs charged up and hsed any special yet (only Ursena reached max mana as you can see on the picture).

Cat worked after that as intended and I managed to win but it was a truely unpleasent surprise.

If none of the enemies has fired any special, then it looks like a bug…
But if any of the enemies of sorcerer class fired. There is chance to proc mana delay.

Ursena is a Sorcerer. Could have triggered her chance to drop the mana generation on CC on your very first move?

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Apparently from the health bar of your heroes Ursena has fired, so CC received the delay.

No, Ursena hasn’t fired yet, she does a lot more damage than that. The damage done so far is from auto attacks and Ursena’s first or second auto attack triggered the sorcerer delay ability on your Cheshire Cat.


Normal attack, not the special.


Not her special hit but the normal attack with delay from the emblems can have caused this.


Which is exactly what I said? :thinking:

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