Chesire Cat - elemental debuff

Recently iwe got the Chesire cat. On his card it says: “All holy enemies get - 44% defense.” If his buff is targeting a specific element his special should be an elemental debuff…but it isn’t. He doesn’t stack with normal def down heroes he instead overwrite them. I guess the cat was released long before element feature heroes came out. PLEASE CHANGE IT.

I don’t think it’s an elemental debuff. He simply gives yellow heros defense down.

Elemental would give them defense down to yellow and that isn’t what the card says. He is great against holy enemies and titans because he drops their defense.

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That is exactly was it says: all holy get minus defense…it is targeting a specific element.

Yes. Holy heroes.

They then get a NORMAL defence debuff…

As opposed to an elemental defence debuffer who’s wording is quite different:

Note the ORDER of text is very important in conveying meaning… Not just the words used.

This is the language for an elemental debuff:

Notice how it says that the defense down says, “the target gets -54% defense against holy for 4 turns

Notice how it is different from the Cheshire cat card you shared

You wouldn’t want a dark card to make the enemy weak to holy. You want it to make the enemy weak to dark.

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