Chesire Cat broken? Or should consider going to gym? Why can’t he swap bosses and monsters on world map and Challenge Event stages?

Is my cat broken or is this how it’s special attack works? I’ll try my best to upload short video in this post (ok vids not allowed). So is this yellow dino in season 2 province 3 stage 4 too heavy or why is it that it’s not moving when firing Chesire’s special? Didn’t move when he had two thugs near him, didn’t move when thugs were killed.

Broken? Bug? Too weak to move such huge creature? :smile:

It is very difficult to say without visuals lol, I think you need to upload it to youtube and then post it here? Buffs and/or talents may be to blame, but glitches can and do happen.

Edit: I am obviously not the best person to ask about the cat (which i don’t have lol)

Cheshire can’t swap the positions of bosses and regular monsters/thugs/minions.

And sure, we can say it’s because they’re too heavy lol.

But he can swap the positions of multiple bosses…so I guess it’s more that they have to be equal weight. :face_with_monocle:


For future reference you can upload vids to youtube and link them to display in your post.

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When I’m raiding it perfectly chances the heroes.

Why doesn’t it do that when I’m farming 7 7?
It doesn’t in quests
Doesn’t it do that too in events?

Am i interpreting text wrong?


First text says it’s putting enemies in other positions. In my opinion bosses ARE enemies.

by design it only changes places of enemies of similar size


I cant read that anywhere… it just says enemies… lol so you’re saying size matters. Where am i supposed to read that?

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Why are you taking Cheshire Cat farming anyway? That’s not exactly its strong talent…

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I do farming with all my heroes… sort of sandboxing :heart_eyes:

I imagine the code for switching a monster and a minion would be really to awkward to implement. You would have to have a different board shape that isn’t present normally to do something like move a boss to the far left and have the minions center and right.

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In the Fables challenge it’s not letting the bosses be randomly rearranged by Cheshire Cats special. This is terrible and quite frankly cheeting (the system cheeting us). Care to explain Small Giant?

The bosses in any event take up different spaces in the field. So it’s not possible for them to go to another place. For example in a raid battle you have 5 spots, with a hero in each space, so they can be shuffled around. But that’s not the case with bosses. You can also try it any of the normal map levels, the same thing will happen, Cheshire Cat cannot move around any bosses. So it’s not a bug, it’s intended. :slight_smile:


His special says “rearranges enemies positions randomly”. Doesn’t say “with exception”. Do any of the other heroes specials come with exceptions like this? I’m pretty sure they don’t. If this is the only hero who’s special is non-operative like this, then it should come with an explanation so the user are aware of limitations they will encounter while spending the time and resources to level up this hero.

He is working as intended.
When 1 boss and 2 mobs are present the mobs may be switched (or placed back in same position as there is only 1 option.)
When facing 3 bosses these are switched.

You cannot place boss into corner positions as they are too big for this. Has always been like this before and still works the same now


That’s still wrong. It needs to be remedied. Otherwise it’s a broken hero. Because that’s the purpose of the hero. It’s the “perk” of him. Otherwise he needs to not be available to have time and resources wasted on him.

There is a caveat. If there are 2 or 3 bosses, they switch. But otherwise they do not.


Ya, just wish they would fix it all the way, or at least but an exception warning on the hero. I wasted A LOT of time and resources on him. It’s not right.

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