Cheshire Cat vs Guardian Jackal?

Hi all -

From the play what you have file -

Do these two cards offer similar elemental debuff, or is cat vanilla defense debuff

Looking to hit yellow titans harder -

Both are 4 stars

Fast, purple (double damage) vs very fast yellow

Sorcerer is a plus - I don’t have one and am unlikely to add one my main team, and a chance to poke the mana is nice;

Don’t have G. Jackal - but do have more competition for orbs; I’m sure I’ll get eventually

Dot/musical chairs … irrelevant on Titans, kind of meh else where

Hoping it’s elemental - I normall run 4/1 or 3/2 with Wilbur or Wu + 5

Cat is vanilla defense. Jackal is the only holy elemental debuffer.


Darn … wording was confusing enough to post here; thanks for clarifying

Will let the cat go off to be feral then :slight_smile:

Hey there. I know I’m late to the party but the cat’s best use is for warring against a team that tucks away tough or fast hitters as wings. The cat’s scramble let’s you break that defense easily. Not good for much else.


Also let’s you move a tough tank so that the squishy bits can get nuked


The cat’s other usage during war is when the enemy use mono tanks and you dont have enough heroes to hit so many tanks of the same color. The cat can switch out the tank.


Like a teacher sending Guin in the corner…


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