Cheshire Cat vs. Danzaburo

Just out of curiosity who do you think is more viable

Cheshire Cat could be more useful for 3-target heroes when the tank is already dead, to not lose their full potential, on top of lowering yellow heroes’ dark defense.

To me the Cat is better, you should just be sure to ghost some tiles before casting his special.

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Cat, at least he/she/it is consistent. Danza seems to freeze himself a lot of the time which is just a wasted hero. Plus the DOT from Cat can’t be dispelled.

In my opinion: Cheshire Cat > Danzaburo. Strategically you can plan out the Cat’s special…Danza is a wildcard. Then again, I hate gamble heroes so I may be biased. :rofl: I like to know what I’m working with, dang it! :slight_smile:

Kitty will shuffle a new tank for you…
Congrats :rofl:

Useful for digging out a healer from the wings.

Agreed… I hate “chance” specials. Danza is food. I like to pair mine with a dry Merlot

That’s actually the idea. If you have splash damage hitters, targets scattered around hurt your damage output. Cat consolidates to make the killing easier.

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One of the few times I didn’t throw the match by using his special.

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What @Garanwyn said.

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rofl Mine is just stuck in the corner, staring at me with his weird buggy little eyes.

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