Cheshire cat special with other DOT heroes

Cheshire Cat’s poisoning is undispellable and lasts for 4 turns. This also means, that any additional specials with the same effect, e.g. poisoning, have no effect, and Cat’s one stays.

This leads to an unpleasant situation, when, for instance, Sartana is shooting on the 4th (the last) turn of Cat’s special, Sartana’s poisoning will not be applied at all, and poisoning ends on the next turn instead of lasting for next 6 turns. Same goes with Proteus, Layla and other similar heroes.

I would expect that the poisoning continues, but becomes dispellable.

This is working as intended. Undispellable effects do not get overwritten by dispellable effects. So when Cheshire Cat’s Damage Over Time (DOT) is active, no other equivalent DOT will apply.

This is something to keep in mind when considering how best to pair Cheshire Cat with other heroes.


Except GM and any other fire hero with burn dot…

Which in those cases STACKS with the Cat…oh and any hero with vampire like dot

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That is correct. Other elemental DOTs do stack, and other effects which cause damage over time (Victor, Morgan Le Fay, etc.) will stack.

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Or just hold the special for a turn or two. Learning to not fire every time a hero is powered up is a major turning point in getting great titans scores, winning more raids and getting good event scores.


I 100% agree. Here’s my thoughts on the subject of holding the Cat’s special:

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