Cheshire Cat special bug?

For some reason, Cheshire cats special is not lvling up properly. At lvl 2, the special ahoukd be 112 damage over 4 turns but only showing at 96?

It is affected by the base damage stat, it will increase as he levels up :slight_smile:

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Hrm. This never happened to any other heroes. Any time I lvld them, the skill damage would increase the exact amount stated when the skill lvl increased to the next one. So, it at skill lvl 2 it said damage should go up to 112, shouldnt it still go up to 112 regardless like other heroes?

You are looking at what the skill should be at 2-1 skill level 2, but you are currently at 1-15 skill level 2. By the time he gets to his next assention the numbers will be right (except the skill will be at least lvl 3 at that point)


Ahhh, I see that makes sense now. So at ascension 2, skill 2 it will reflect correctly. Thanks for the help!

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Same with given dmg percentage. The dealt dmg will be calculated by its heroes base stats. If an exact value shows up, the shown dmg was alredy calculated the same way.

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