Cheshire Cat rearrange during Wars [Not a Bug, Rearrangement only lasts during that battle]

Hi Team

This migh not be a bug or issue but something to think about.

When playing Cheshire Cat during the wars, whenever you rearrange enemies positions i thought they will stay like this for ever[well until rearrange again] . But if you loose and will go back to the enemy, their heros positions will resets to the original one. I found it odd as i thought that this Cats skill is pernament.

What are your thoughts guys?

It’s not permanent. I have the Cat as well so I know that the team reverts back to original.

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ok, i can see that, but why? I think it would be interesting to do it pernament.

I should think that all status ailments clean off after each battle.

Would be unfair, if it’ll last longer than a battle. Resurrected also won’t show up after the fight ended.

Those specials are indeed hard enough. If defense would stay rearranged or multiplied, it possibly was a very bad disadvantage.

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