Cheshire Cat or Kunchen

Hi guys I’m just wondering between those 2 fellas Cheshire cat and Kunchen witch one I should level up first?? My current team is:
Gormek 4/70
Onatel 3/65
Boss Wolf 3/37
Kiril 4/70
Skittlescull 4/70
So I’m thinking to level Cheshire Cat because at the moment I have kiril Max out but what do you think guys about??

Cat all the way. Love the cat


I never use the cat he’s any good? Tks

I woulrd say Kunchen. I think he’s a Rigard 2.0. And me personally, I never leave home without a Rigard (or luckily Vivica)


Kunchen. You need a good healer. Even at 3/70 Kunchen will add a lot to both offense and defense.


Ok I see the point but Kunchen at 3/70 will be better than Kiril now Max out??

Better in some situations. And when you get tabards, yu have yourself a proper purple tank (Boss Wolf isn’t the best). But also for Alliance Wars you need 30 heroes and, ideally, 6-12 healers so you can put a healer on each team. ( if you are not already in an alliance, you really should fix that. Titans and war loot are essential sources of the rare ascension materials you need.)

Also I’m not a big fan of the Cat; I would choose many other purple 4* over it.


Ok then so I’ll do that then and another question is i have Wilbur and Boldtusk at 3/40 both of them so who’s getting the hidden blade in your opinion? Tks

Boldtusk, because you already have Gormek. Wilbur is better than Gormek, but they overlap too much in role to merit giving bades to both (for now).


Well nice one and tks for the advice because in the alliance all of them tells me to bring Wilbur up instead and I trust you because you know what talking about. I’ll do that then. Tks

Cheshire is a pleasure…

But ‘Kunigunde’ a solid healer.

Would say both, but health - as always - first.

Agree Kunchen first

With BT and Wilbur, you wouldn’t regret either. You already have a healer buffer in Kiril,and defense down in Gormek, so no priority either way for me. BT and Wilbur are both good against Titans, but Wilbur is slightly better I reckon. Both can be used to great effect on raids and in wars. It’s pretty much a dead heat

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Level Bold before Wilbur, IMO. I do have both, but I find Bold is a more flexible hero.

I have enough leveled 5*s that I can make 2-3 full teams. Regardless, I still run Bold against every Titan and in every raid. I also have several copies for war. Wait… does that make me a real fan or a stalker? :rofl:

I also agree with Kitchen over the Cat. I love my cat but I put him in the same bucket as Wu - fun to have but can also wreck havoc on your attacks. As @Kerridoc noted, he can even replace Boss later while getting more from him.


You’ll use Kiril with Kunchen a lot while you adapt to slow heals, not instead of…

Offense > Defense > Utility imo

Cat still does his thing at at 2.50, so you can have fun with him; he’s just more utility than power

Wilbur is a bit of an anomaly - he has Gunnar/Kikanis Spirit Link, Magnis Defense Buff and Isarnia/Ramming Pulverizir style defense debuff - but Kunchen has a smaller one.

Level him slow with reds until he’s 8/8 - but realize he’s a bit redundant with other cards, and does no damage.

Adjust accordingly, level out a few that don’t needs Assention items until you find a combo you like :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new at this… so I was wondering if it is wise to use Kunchen, Cheshire Cat, and cyprian with the element link?

Welcome to the forum. That would be a good purple stack for yellow titans or yellow heavy world stages. You’ll want a rainbow team for a lot of other stuff though.

Why? How do u use it? Any particular hero the Cheshire compliments? Thx in advance

Kunchen first…awesome tank. I have cat fully leveled but only use him in a purple stack against yellow titans for the 44% defense down.

Use the rainbow team, or the stacked purple?
Cheshire does a -elemental defense down against yellow. Combine the cat with a hero that does a normal defense down, and you will see your damage go up, as they should stack. Best would be another purple defense down like Tiburtus when attacking a yellow titan…or any defense down hero in raids.

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Nope, Chesire Cat does normal -def to all Holy opponent. So it will overwrite with other normal defense down like Trio Ramming Pulverizer or Wilbur, etc…

Here is the icon:


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