CHESHIRE CAT - Is CC so COOL you drop everything and take CC to SCHOOL?

I have nothing with you but eaven when I post something to ask they start to talk about opposite things so this is not help because not everyone is on very high level as you and Don’t even understand what you talking about. So in my opinion if you like to help is better to respond on that question and that’s it. Simple as. Tks

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Indeed you did my friend :slightly_smiling_face: But you think like an advanced player and are going to naturally apply good instincts to your fights. So how to manage that danger and when to risk it is intuitive to you, where it might not be obvious to others.

There are a lot of newer players who are very trigger-eager on specials, and many people on the forum have discussed the tank swap of CC as if it’s something that has to happen. For the new players looking for guidance, I thought it worthwhile to articulate clearly when to fire the Cat and when to hold off.

Your point about shoving nasty flanks to the wings is excellent too as a use case. Thanks for adding it to the list!

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I tired 2 2600 gem pulls just to get Cheshire… and didn’t get anything mainly 3 stars… congrats you got one. This has got to be my BIGGEST disappointment with this game thus far… and no not whining, but I spend a lot of $ on this game and to get crap is beyond frustrating. I have also attempted to get Lianna but no luck with that one either… my spending gems on pulls is probably over with. Shame too cause I did spend real world money…

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I know is very frustrating to spend money and getting crappy here’s 3* mainly. I all the time say this will be the last pull and I can’t stop it dammit

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GREAT POINT Brought up by @Wormwood!

CC can Break the Chemistry the defense was meant to have

I would add that moving 2 or 3 anywhere on the board can have this ‘BREAKING CHEMISTRY’ effect that the player being raided intended happens… obviously we know the TANK is the goal, others can have a similar effect… @AirHawk @Kerridoc @Garanwyn @Ray008 @Olmor @Rook @FrenziedEye @Shallab @HeWillFindUs


Research is definitely done!
On Defense I run about 70-100 trophies lower using CC instead of Hel. Sorry guys that is all I could really push a long term test with. Understand I am a Legendary player with a bench so my results are skewed - if your a EPIC or lower player and you have CC - different ballgame!

I know there are several players in the forum with an inventory like myself that state they don’t see the value or the F.U.N. with CC, and that is just too bad. Case in point and not that I would ever do it again, friend used CC on their 1st WAR FLAG!!! And got lucky - CC moved the tank - they won easily… that WILL NOT ALWAYS happen. CC is a CAT, CAT’s do what they want when they want not what you want when you want them too - just keep that in mind and you will do fine with CC!!!

I’ll add this directly back into my review, put it outside so its noticeable.

I’m still happy with CC. I did Class Level to 3 before use. Again being where I am as a player with my bench, if I could go back I would today stop at Class 1. That’s just me. I may end up in the future taking CC all the way, just for staying power. IDK.


@Rook :smiley_cat: @Garanwyn @CragHack @AirHawk @Kerridoc @Ray008 @Olmor @FrenziedEye @PeachyKeen @Shallab


I 4T Cheshire and didn’t look back. will 4T my second also. Has been great for war depth and ‘fun’ and has already taken me out of a bind more times than I expected.


@Starryeyedgryph it wasn’t that buddy was a priority - just a desire… he is way down my list and I recently fed his twin brother to another Hero LOL.

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@PeachyKeen very good to hear an ADVOCATE for CC in this thread, well there are a couple of us! Cool. CC RULES :smiley_cat:


Wrong thread for this but I got buddy to 4/70, emblem 7. Need 11 more ranger emblems to get him to the 8th rank (mana). Taking the ‘attack’ route because he’s kinda beefy already. Works well with Gregorion and Evelyn… and soon? Mad Hatter (just got my 6th potion for him). He’ll be wicked with my 17 mana troop :slight_smile:

On topic, I rarely use buddy and cheshire together because they overwrite each other. when I do, I fire buddy first, then cheshire.


@PeachyKeen Excellent information to know - thanks for the insight. My impression of Buddy on card stats alone was “HE IS A BEAST”! Thus my personal desire to get him leveled! This solidifies my impression - thank you. So good to hear this from an owner/user!!!


@Razor - My biggest problem with him was the fact that his special is only 3 turns as opposed to the pulverizer 6. however, as we fight 10* giants/kracken so often, his attack down is so vital and as much as I like Wilbur, I want the tile bonus from Green & synergy with Evelyn/Greg. So, i figure, if I make him fire faster, the 3 turn limit isn’t as much of a problem.

ON TOPIC: Cheshire’s animation rules.


@PeachyKeen you know what your talking about! Guys consider this player a good source for information! Some people have opinions, then you have expert advise, like this.

ON TOPIC: CC’s ani is by far the BEST!


high praise from a player I respect very much. Thank you.

Also: A note about Cheshire Cat, Rumplestiltskin, Danzaburo, Mad Hatter and other heroes with ‘odd’ abilities:

How long do you (as a player) plan to play this game, and why? Is it because you like the grind? Do you want to win raids, kill titans? How long before that gets old and you quit due to ‘sunk cost’ or boredom?

I feel that, with the addition of these heroes, they inject a little more variety into the gaming experience and this is what we talk about when we discuss “fun” abilities.

Examplea of "less fun" heroes

Kageburado (less fun than his moniker ‘Kagey Burrito’) – Effective? Yes. But raw, punishing damage and that’s it.

Lianna – Effective? Yes. Still one of the best snipers in the game? Also yes. But is it going to keep a veteran still playing after the thousandth time raiding with her? Not so much.

What I like is the variety in gameplay options that have been added to an otherwise straightforward game that involves the following:

  • Blind
  • Attack up
  • Attack down
  • Def up
  • Dmg share
  • Def down
  • Silence
  • Mana theft
  • Mana increase
  • Crit increase

sure you have a few others (healing denial / leeching), but that’s the majority with a coloration change and some numbers differ, some stars differ. Tell ya what… that’s gunna get old.

It’s still pretty much Bejeweled, folks, so any kind of variety we can add will only increase the longevity of the play time for the veterans, who will be taking the rookies under their wing to teach.

Why not some more strategy, variables or other fun elements?
I’ll tell ya this much, it takes some of the sting out of the RNG for Hatter to steal buffs and redistribute. It’s a lot of fun to see the well-arranged raid defense team jumbled up mid-fight with Cheshire. Even the addition of the minions, as maddening as they become, are just as fun as the minion destruction provided by Captain of Diamonds. Inari is my single-most favorite hero because of her dodge plus minion.

Thinking outside of the power-gamer mindset is good for longevity in this game and adds so much to the dialogue between this community and individual alliances.

this post was waayyy longer than I intended…


This is exactly my point on this game, if you gonna play all those “boring” heroes it dulls down quite fast.

Now in the process of leveling a heavy DoT offensive lineup because I want to recreate my favorite affliction warlock style play from WoW of draining enemies slow and steady until it becomes unbearable and combine it with, fast heroes and mana gain buff from Ariel to put pressure on all and also ignore defence.

Victor, Grave are obvious selections, waiting for Nat to come back into atlantis summons and get Lady Luck (yeah that was pun intended :slight_smile:) and/or Morgana for the drain setup.

The combo of Panther+Kage or Evelyn+Lianna (and soon to be Frida+Alice) is to direct and boring to play.


Excellent and hilarious insight @PeachyKeen! Yeah I have old RumpleSkins just a waiting in the background. Captain as well, I have 2 and I just couldn’t get myself to drop his twin (definitely see value with that special - it’s special especially being the # of minion heroes out there now). Totally agree with everything you say here! Glad we crossed paths today, I will look to you for advice in the future - I’ll be joining you at Helios this weekend should a spot remain open!

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@Mana (do I have the right Mana?)

I have kept to my word, no pulls…not planning on it either until the odds increase. My husband plays and he has NEVER EVER got a decent pull, no hero of the month, nothing… can’t convince him to spend gems anymore… I personally hope they read these posts and realize that if they make the odds better more folks are going to spend $$…

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Old Thread I know. Just wanted to come back and say that CC has been amazing! Such a unique set of Skills. I used CC as my first ‘TEST’ classing project… and kept on rolling with CC being my only other option was Thoth (granted can be useful) however IMO not as useful as a higher classed CC, period.

Those that I talk with that use CC - stand by CC (and continue to class level) - solid base stats as well in addition to the SKILLS! So if you have some extra emblems for a sorcerer being options for you are slim - take another LOOK.
I have MITSUKO near 4/80 - once she is there this BEAST may start begging me, pulling on my shirt for a reset - and that will be a very very very hard MOMENT for me… because she is a BEAST!

CC has been a star - used in a lot of different cases (a primary RAID component until just recently, used regular in WARS of Top-100 vs, Raid Events and Challenge Events)

Empires-and-Puzzles-Cheshire_Cat Empires-and-Puzzles-Mitsuko Empires-and-Puzzles-Thoth-Amun

CC along with Valeria and Boldtusk I may permanently keep classed! I’ve reset on several EPICS now… These 3 are my personal favorites.

Wanted to quickly note that BUDDY is really a favorite in the company I keep… perhaps someday - however I’m more focused now on my Legends.


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