CHESHIRE CAT - Is CC so COOL you drop everything and take CC to SCHOOL?

@Garawyn - CC works great in EVERY scenario and with ANY TEAM. You just have to keep CC ALIVE! The DRIP - it’s SOOOO Awesome. I wish I would have recorded when I used Cheshire to the max… I’m thinking a total of at least 100 raids. I’ve watched MAGNI/LIANNA/AERON and DELILAH and SARTANA/ZELINE/MISANDRA and ETC. all sorts of combos of tripples ALL DIE AT THE SAME TIME FROM CC’s DRIP (well that’s what I call it). Soo cool. I just realized his is 276, Sartanas is 294 Azlar 360, Colen 330. Then we have the whole other class of Heros and I’ll let you look up their #'s on your own - they are what I call the DEATH DEALERS… and just about everyone that owns them I would disagree with there positioning - this is as far off topic as I’m going and not to leave you in the Lurch they would be YUNAN and LOCKE.

Back to CC - so the Cat has the DEATH DRIP that hits ALL, FAST mana speed, Rearranges enemy positions - RANDOMLY and + -44% against HOLY enemy’s. So I forgot CC has even dropped GUINEVERE several times with me. So here is where CC is weak - against multi TANK teams - which is starting to become a trend. There is no point in a shuffle if you just put a FRESH tank in front of your front 3 who were just working on the prior one LOL. As well any team that has high potential to do a lot of extra damage to DARK. These are experiences putting him in the LEADERBOARD mix.

This is the team Cheshire is on for me… Like I said CC is so unique they can be used in ANY team. Me, I’m not going to get much use out of CC except in WAR and I’ll have a final on D soon. That is because I have 2 HELS which are very trustworthy in my book flanking GUIN… or CC would likely be a CAT I use a lot more.

Additional INTEL
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@Ripcode - then you are one luck COUPLE!
@CragHack the Shuffle I would think Is only valid during your engagement in AW with your version of CC. I don’t know honestly though - as the WAR in which I used CC I took on a fresh team each Flag (something I would definately like to remember and test - so if you want to remind me feel free lol - I need reminders).


Sure. The question of using CC seems very much like Wu Kong vs Tarlak. If you have Tarlak, you’re unlikely to use Wu Kong because you can get your damage output more reliably.

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I pulled 3 of him, will start leveling them soon

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Unexpected bonus?

I killed a guin tank with 3 tiles on the first move. Killed Zeline on my third move with a 5X Purple vertical line.

Used the resulting gem, all heroes lit up like a christmas tree…

Hero 1, 2 & 5 positions still alive and kicking, all 3 of which (Kage, Grave, Alaise) were ready to pop, also (due to the cascade)

I pop Cheshire first… suddenly… I have 3 heroes bunched in the 2-3-4 position. Tiburtus-Panther-Proteus and khiona finished them off.

fun. fun. just plain fun.


I’ll be the dissenting voice here.

I have no use for Cheshire-Cat. The only use case i can imagine for it is against titans, because he gives a stronger -defense than Tibertus. But I use Athena against holy titans, and that quickly becomes far better—that’s a luxury most people don’t have, i understand.

Rearranging foes is more likely to bite than help. I choose an offense knowing what the line-up is; the last thing I need is to have the nearly dead tank shuffled to the wing snd a fresh hero put on tank, a hero for whoch i’m not set up.

The Cat has no synergy with the sorcerer Delay. His special doesn’t activate it, so you’re relying just on tiles.

My Cat is going to sit on the bench at 1/1 for the foreseeable future.

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There seems to be a common perspective that one is basically obliged to use the Cat’s special when in becomes available. That seems a bad policy to me.

If the current tank is almost dead, or has died with tiles in good ghosting position, I’d hold the Cat’s special indefinitely. The DOT is nice, but it isn’t worth screwing up the board needlessly over.

There are three real use cases I see:

  1. A difficult tank is far from dead when the Cat’s special is ready

In this case, swapping in a new tank gives an opportunity to dump more tiles in search of mana. And everyone eats an undispellable DOT while you’re working the board.

  1. The board has gaps late, but you have splash damage dealers

In this case, the Cat is likely to offer board consolidation to maximize the damage of your the remaining heroes.

  1. Prying a hero out of a corner to make a tile damage kill easier

If you have tiles of a lethal color lined up in the center of the board, the Cat’s special gives a good chance of moving a hero tucked in the corner into the killing pocket.

Outside of these use cases, the Cat is probably a bullet better left unfired.


You mean “into the nice empty spaces i’m ghosting tiles into”.

If you have to sit on the hero’s special for a lot of tirns, then you’re looking for great tile damage or survivability. Cheshire-Cat brings neither. Color me unimpressed.

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Wow thanks @Razor, I don’t feel so bad now pulling two of the Cat :joy::rofl:

Well, in fairness, I did caveat that you shouldn’t do it unless you have the tiles already lined up for the kill :slight_smile:

I agree that this is a real shortcoming. An extra 75 points of defense, 75 points of attack, or 150 health would not have been game-breaking. As it is, you probably want to class up the Cat if you’re thinking of using it regularly.

Here’s the Cat at 4+20 with some decent choices:

688 Attack 750 Defense 1282 Health, for a Sonya index of 3.21 (up from a pretty problematic 2.23).

Still a little flimsy, but way more likely to survive until useful.

Sabina would be more reliably useful,at 4+20.

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I absolutely love this. I’m glad you shed some light on the cat. I didn’t hesitate to max him as soon as I pulled him and been having hella of a lot fun with him. He’s can be a bit circumstantial but not as much as many others, you can run him on a mono team or strategically pair him up with other splash attack heroes such as Panther/Sargasso/Athena/Drake to name a few. He has turn the tide for me on raids many times, just absolutely made it a breeze to finish off the defense.

In lieu of my lack of D blades, I’ve opted to let him borrow Mutsukos emblems. That’s how much I like this little bastard. I have a series of vids showcasing his special with a different teams and trying to catch his new ability in action. I’ll return and post those vids here when I’m ready…

More details on why I chose to go the attack boost route late… Did I just open a can of worms ?

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Out of curiosity, what is your full Holy titan lineup? Hadn’t considered using Athena outside Fire titans.





911 IS A JOKE!


By far the best special ani…


Oh, I’m always open to hearing others opinions and perspectives on heros, even if we are off topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…tonight I’ve been #1 for most of the night here in the US and 3-7th globally…Have to beat these other challengers off with a stick LOL

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I’ve gone up against a ton of Buddy and unless you get a bad board, he isn’t much of a threat to me. I have him too, but have many others I’m going to work on ahead of him.
I even went up against a team with 2 fully leveled flanking the tank and i easily won.

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I wanted the Cat because he was fun. If he is useful too, I’ll take that. I agree he is not big on Defense, but since when were cats ever on the defensive anyway? I wish to unsheathe my purple claw and go cause some havoc.

If I have a better purple, I’ll naturally use him/her, but I know I’ll be looking for opportunities to spring out the Cat. :grin:


Dammit, forgot to remind you :no_mouth:
Anyone with a cat tested it in AW and failed to one-shot?

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I don’t understand why you or some other ppl just not answer to the topic and you talk about different characters?? In this topic is about the Cat not about your old experience in game and other stuff like zeline,sartana or i don’t know who. Just answer the question if you know something about the cat or find other topics to discuss about zeline or sartana or i don’t know who

The order of an AW foe resets after you’re done.


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