CHESHIRE CAT - Is CC so COOL you drop everything and take CC to SCHOOL?

Hey guys!

So I have put a lot of time, effort and expense into CC. So I don’t want it to go to waste being one of the few that have CC in use - and not share my experience with my PEEPS!

MY DAYS with CC (the Coolest Cat around)

If you have Cheshire - I would recommend you level to 3/60 without any doubts. CC will both reward you and upset you. That’s life and a cat - put some more of that into the game on purpose!

If you are a player that hasn’t solidly entered the LEGENDARY PLAYER status - TAKE CC ALL THE WAY to 4/70!

When you want to HAVOC Good time WHO are you going to call? CHESHIRE CAT! CHESHIRE CAT! MEeaaaieaaoooww! CC… you’re So Baaaad

If you are a Legendary Player who enjoys intense competition and really need a dependable GAME CHANGING DARK HERO or a SORCERER Class of the same in your Defensive lineup or your go to WAR team Cheshire isn’t going to make you really happy. Being one of my most costly investments in this game to date, I’m still not unhappy with Cheshire. Cat’s aren’t the best at taking direction most of the time!

Be aware that this is a SPECIAL ASSESSMENT Hero. Thus the high level of attention & detail being provided on my behalf. My reasons for doing so: (A) I have a strong attachment to Cheshire from my past and (B) I wanted to try out class leveling an EPIC to higher levels as soon as possible - and I couldn’t think of a better target for me!

RAIDS: YES! CC has moved the TANK for me many a time - I just have a better option than CC for dependability so that use will not be a lot for me in the future I’m thinking. Take my word on it, Cheshire is valuable on Raids with a bit of caution. I’ve used CC a good 50+ times in that role (maybe more) in the following team lineups 1/1/1/1/1, 2/1/1/1 and 3/2. I have some very happy moments to thank CC for. I started using CC at Class 3.

EVENTS: YES! Challenge, Seasonal and Special Events CC will be valuable often. Too bad Kitty can’t move a Titan! Just use care based on Event time, your remaining resources (battle items and World Energies) and obviously the reflect element when you do.

DEFENSE: Not CC’s strong Area. Realize I have a bench of Dark Legends so when CC is bugging me over and over with ‘Purrrrrrr… Put me in Coach… Purrrrrrr…’ odds are this kitty charm just isn’t going to have the power to sway it needs. This is the only area of testing remaining form me to close out and I’ll be back for the final update on that.

TITAN: Not the best option if you have another Dark that is worthy, if CC is your only option it’s who you have for now. You will get another Dark soon enough.

WAR: A Good MAYBE. Really depends what your bench consists of and how bad the team needs you to Win the battle at hand. Just don’t put your $ on CC to follow your instructions. Being in your 4th or later string - you would likely take CC in.

NOTE: Sorry guys in regards to the WAR channel… this was another one of my ideas I haven’t been able to fully execute due to TofA lol (Time of Availability)… YouTube isn’t a priority for me at all. :wink:

LATER THIS WEEK I will have a WAR example using my 2nd Flag up on my new channel:

@Robkirky1 @Garanwyn @Kerridoc @Rook @Ray008 @Sternman @FrenziedEye @RandaPandah @Nemessis @Rigs

Keep in mind this is just my opinion and you have to take into consideration whose on the team with him!!! You can use my experience as a basis to assist your decision but don’t make it based on me! Over time the Hero Utility will identify his value in a much broader perspective and that would be more trustworthy if you have him and are not a “I gotta have him now” kinda player :blush:. I will make the following comment again: Playing as long as I have, I have learned that EVERY HERO has a use in the game. Some just have amazing stats across the board and of course those are the ones we want. On a final note: Some heroes do not maximize their full potential until they are FULL LEVELED AND ASCENDED: So your crap experience with them in the early years (lol our little children) may have been they weren’t really really great like you had been hearing about…




Classic. Wish I pulled him now… there’s always next time at least :smiley:


Sharing my :heart_eyes_cat: with you: @Wormwood @Slingbow @FrenziedEye @AirHawk @Dante2377 @General_Confusion @zephyr1 @Hcmitchellr @_John_Doe


Better speed than tibertus, better def down, better def, better health. Don’t really understand how you can say he shouldn’t be brought at all given that


I didn’t. Perhaps it came across wrong there is a lot of information here… Look at it again if you still think that is what I’m saying I will edit it as if one get’s the wrong opinion others will too! Thanks


I can see where my statement wasn’t the point I was trying to get across… as writing I tried my best to take into account every level of player. It has been edited. Thanks for pointing that out @Peterenp

So I got him as well. The only one I didn’t get was Hatter. Which others did you manage to get??? My plans were to get Queen and Alice leveled up first before the cat. But with the major lack of ascension mats I may have to get the cat up before the rest.

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My thinking with CC - materials and emblems - plus to test out what I’ve been seeing a bit of - leveling EPICS at 1/2 the cost and 1/2 the time… Will they stand against the slower extremely expensive LEGENDS? TBD (not absolutely necessarily by me though).

Triple Cap. and fed one already. I see some use, however his picture is not hanging anywhere near the bullseye on my dart board for next to next to next in line. For anyone not at our level or with our bench he would look very attractive.

I’d definitely make Queen a priority for my FIRE lineup as well Alice to join my ICE teams.
Empires-and-Puzzles-Queen_of_Hearts Empires-and-Puzzles-Alice

Your fortune of Wonderland summoning - cool @Ray008! SUPER COOL! QoH in particular and Alice would probably have put me into a fairly viscous leveling effort like CC . Realistically many weeks probably with the Queen now that I think about it . I had 2 driving factors with Chesire

  1. I have a strong attachment to Chesire from my past and
  2. I wanted to try out class leveling an EPIC to higher levels as soon as possible - and I can’t think of a better target for me!

May as well be complete and add this!

Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event Heroes

Placement here is not being recommended, its just for display, however it could be a plausible combination if you were the the lucky holder of a **ROYAL FLUSH** and wanted STRUT your WONDERLAND Hero Team!


The problem is I just got Athena to the final ascension and am working on Getting Santa and Delilah leveled as well. Currently Cagey Burrito is at 4/49 I have QoH and Alice on my next team to start leveling. Currently only have 1 tome of tactics and 1 damascus blade and am having a hard time figuring out who to give them too. I have a team I call the 70’s club that are all at 3/70; Inari, Zeline, Rumple, Sartana, and Azlar along with Mitsuko sitting on another team at 3/70…Decisions, decisions

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Very nice discussion. Thank you so much for sharing such detailed analysis and insights @RaZoR!

My feeling had been that CC would do best in 3-2 with a couple of heavy hitters (like Sartana/Panther/Kageburado/Domitia/Khiona). Does this match your experience? If not, what sort of a lineup does CC thrive in?

Also, my reas is that you probably want to fire CC’s special once, then hold off on a second activation until much later in the battle. Does this seem like a reasonable strategy, or did it work better for you to “fire when ready?”

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Thanks for taking the time to put this together and share, while I was lucky enough to get Captain, Queen and Hatter………Alice and the Cat eluded me.

And I am more disappointed about not getting the Cat!

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Good decisions to have @Ray008. I have a 70’s club as well - that’s funny. After watching @Roxy_TM use Inari for about 30 raids I pulled the trigger on her and she is fully ascended/leveled now (lol but I haven’t used her once since). That DODGE is fricking AMAZING. I mean I’m talking amazing. I watched hits coming in from Sartana, LIanna, Marjana, Athena, Magni, well just about any of the snipers our big dogs and they didn’t do ■■■■!!! You know when the enemy get’s 2-3 of their snipers mana activated and your like - it is OVER… I watched it literally get turned around RAID after RAID. Sounds to GOOD TO BE TRUE right? Maybe she just got lucky but it was over and over and I had to get that woman truly onto my bench.

MItsuko when she first came out I thought was going to be a great hero and I found that NOT to be the case in my experience. However, over time, not sure what happened - she is tough!!! I stay the hell away from her… well now not so bad I learned NO ICE - how I easily walked over Calibreds team in the Blazing Dawn vs Crystal Palace WAR.

Kage is certainly becoming a staple. I just see his use rising and rising… I don’t worry about him too much with my 3/2 HOLY/DARK team though. Others I know struggle. Good to push him to FULL.

It’s those dang TOMES AND BLADES… I know. I’m capable of taking 2 more to FULL with what I have yet no BLADES.

Everyone you have mentioned in terms of nexts, they are all good in their own right - obviously several with MUCH wider spread use capabilities than others. I halted Rumple, yeah he is the TALLEST hero in the deck it appears but height don’t make him right. LOL. I’m actually intrigued with him and his skills… Just rarely up against him and when I am he is usually in the WING and that isn’t a problem for me, put him anywhere else and his AVERAGE and he gets in my face a bit. IDK on him yet honestly even though he has been around for awhile.

Azlar is awesome - IF he can fire otherwise this game just does not often cater to SLOW or V.SLOW characters UNLESS you put them in the CENTER. which is clearly obvious with GUINEVERE, shuffle her with Chesire and she becomes a nobody. I can easily envision AZLAR to take the TANK position in wars easily on 4th string or so - you know he would bring you some great upsets there but are you ever going to raid with him in the TANK position often or put him there on your D? I only ask because it is truly a very small % that he gets to use his skill against me. I haven’t fed him a single piece of food since he was put in my cage… so he is probably going to eat me soon.

SARTANA - EASY YES for me. However, she is NOT capable in my opinion of being a TOP HERO until she is Fully ascended and leveled due to the fact that its the complete final # combination for her that makes her the BAD ■■■ she is. Having the WHOLE of the 296 over 6 is part of her makeup! Yeah I know its only 294 but that sounds cooler.

ZELINE - she just lasts and lasts and screws with everyone. Easily #2 or #3 for a LONG LONG time in this game. She just may not be who you want though now… It’s all the new Heroes that are out that I can see why you would hesitate… I rushed her when I finally got her and she has been solid just the the #'s indicate. However If I was given KAGE and her today, I’d go KAGE.

I have the seasonals too… again mana speed plays against MOTHER NORTH and SANTA (not when he is TANK - he can take a lot and then sprays you with those present’s - not fun getting hit in the head by the corner of a box is it? LOL). I was taking both them up and halted myself. MOTHER NORTH has had a couple good runs in use figures - and I KNOW she has to be taken out… again the mana speed such a factor. I really wish I could bring one of my BUDDYS to life, just I have NEVER gone up against him and I have too many LEGENDS and real experience with other EPICS its probably never going to happen.

ANYWAY @Ray008 :sunglasses: I know you weren’t asking for advice, wasn’t trying to give you any (saw you up behind me in the Top-10 just the other day and you hung in there for ahwile!). Think I responded in detail because I’m in detail mode and figure some of the less tenured players might get something out of it. Take care bud.

@Kerridoc or @Rook - any possibility you could find a better place for this response - it’s way off topic, sorry about that and thanks ahead of time.


@Razor For AW, is CC’s shuffling permanent (thus will the next attacker face the shuffled team if CC doesn’t get a win, rather than the original line-up)? Some teammates have been asking if it could be a good way for their weaker 6th teams to make a stronger impact on a boards with mostly 4k defenses by displacing the opposition’s Guins.

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Sweet! My wife and I each got the Chesire Cat! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for this wonderful write up! :+1:

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@Garawyn - CC works great in EVERY scenario and with ANY TEAM. You just have to keep CC ALIVE! The DRIP - it’s SOOOO Awesome. I wish I would have recorded when I used Cheshire to the max… I’m thinking a total of at least 100 raids. I’ve watched MAGNI/LIANNA/AERON and DELILAH and SARTANA/ZELINE/MISANDRA and ETC. all sorts of combos of tripples ALL DIE AT THE SAME TIME FROM CC’s DRIP (well that’s what I call it). Soo cool. I just realized his is 276, Sartanas is 294 Azlar 360, Colen 330. Then we have the whole other class of Heros and I’ll let you look up their #'s on your own - they are what I call the DEATH DEALERS… and just about everyone that owns them I would disagree with there positioning - this is as far off topic as I’m going and not to leave you in the Lurch they would be YUNAN and LOCKE.

Back to CC - so the Cat has the DEATH DRIP that hits ALL, FAST mana speed, Rearranges enemy positions - RANDOMLY and + -44% against HOLY enemy’s. So I forgot CC has even dropped GUINEVERE several times with me. So here is where CC is weak - against multi TANK teams - which is starting to become a trend. There is no point in a shuffle if you just put a FRESH tank in front of your front 3 who were just working on the prior one LOL. As well any team that has high potential to do a lot of extra damage to DARK. These are experiences putting him in the LEADERBOARD mix.

This is the team Cheshire is on for me… Like I said CC is so unique they can be used in ANY team. Me, I’m not going to get much use out of CC except in WAR and I’ll have a final on D soon. That is because I have 2 HELS which are very trustworthy in my book flanking GUIN… or CC would likely be a CAT I use a lot more.

Additional INTEL
@Ripcode @CragHack @LadyAnesthesia @Ray008 @Garanwyn @Peterenp @Snowdoggydogg

@Ripcode - then you are one luck COUPLE!
@CragHack the Shuffle I would think Is only valid during your engagement in AW with your version of CC. I don’t know honestly though - as the WAR in which I used CC I took on a fresh team each Flag (something I would definately like to remember and test - so if you want to remind me feel free lol - I need reminders).


Sure. The question of using CC seems very much like Wu Kong vs Tarlak. If you have Tarlak, you’re unlikely to use Wu Kong because you can get your damage output more reliably.

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I pulled 3 of him, will start leveling them soon

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Unexpected bonus?

I killed a guin tank with 3 tiles on the first move. Killed Zeline on my third move with a 5X Purple vertical line.

Used the resulting gem, all heroes lit up like a christmas tree…

Hero 1, 2 & 5 positions still alive and kicking, all 3 of which (Kage, Grave, Alaise) were ready to pop, also (due to the cascade)

I pop Cheshire first… suddenly… I have 3 heroes bunched in the 2-3-4 position. Tiburtus-Panther-Proteus and khiona finished them off.

fun. fun. just plain fun.


I’ll be the dissenting voice here.

I have no use for Cheshire-Cat. The only use case i can imagine for it is against titans, because he gives a stronger -defense than Tibertus. But I use Athena against holy titans, and that quickly becomes far better—that’s a luxury most people don’t have, i understand.

Rearranging foes is more likely to bite than help. I choose an offense knowing what the line-up is; the last thing I need is to have the nearly dead tank shuffled to the wing snd a fresh hero put on tank, a hero for whoch i’m not set up.

The Cat has no synergy with the sorcerer Delay. His special doesn’t activate it, so you’re relying just on tiles.

My Cat is going to sit on the bench at 1/1 for the foreseeable future.

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There seems to be a common perspective that one is basically obliged to use the Cat’s special when in becomes available. That seems a bad policy to me.

If the current tank is almost dead, or has died with tiles in good ghosting position, I’d hold the Cat’s special indefinitely. The DOT is nice, but it isn’t worth screwing up the board needlessly over.

There are three real use cases I see:

  1. A difficult tank is far from dead when the Cat’s special is ready

In this case, swapping in a new tank gives an opportunity to dump more tiles in search of mana. And everyone eats an undispellable DOT while you’re working the board.

  1. The board has gaps late, but you have splash damage dealers

In this case, the Cat is likely to offer board consolidation to maximize the damage of your the remaining heroes.

  1. Prying a hero out of a corner to make a tile damage kill easier

If you have tiles of a lethal color lined up in the center of the board, the Cat’s special gives a good chance of moving a hero tucked in the corner into the killing pocket.

Outside of these use cases, the Cat is probably a bullet better left unfired.


You mean “into the nice empty spaces i’m ghosting tiles into”.

If you have to sit on the hero’s special for a lot of tirns, then you’re looking for great tile damage or survivability. Cheshire-Cat brings neither. Color me unimpressed.

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