Cheshire Cat in Riddles of Wonderland

In Riddles of Wonderland, Cheshire Cat is healing instead of doing damage during his special skill strikes… Not complaining, since it has helped but I know that isn’t supposed to happen.

Interesting, can you share a video or screenshot on the phenomenon? :slight_smile:

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Yes you are right. I have seen it while my friend playing against to cheshire cat. it healed itself.

i just finished the whole challenge and didnt notice that, i wasnt paying any attention to be honest, is it on all CC stages or on a specific stage? i would like to test that as well
Edit: tried stage 3 and CC did damage are you on V24 or 25? i already updated my game yesterday to 25


Sure that it was not during AW? Currently healing field aid is active…


I’ve been trying to screenshot it but it seemed to only happen with the first couple times CC is a opponent. It was fixed in the later in the challenge.

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