Cherokee Warriors

We are only 9 days old and 8 of us left our old alliance because there was only 1 elder and an inactive leader. Today we faced our first 5* Titan and I couldn’t be prouder of my teams efforts. I need 3 more fighters. I don’t care about trophies I just want people to fight the Titans with me. My name is Steve and everyones welcome at Cherokee Warriors InterN update: April 16 2018 wow! My alliance is doing better than I ever imagined. I hate kicking people from my team but I have had to let a few go. When you join an alliance you should do your part in fighting Titans and attacking in wars! So far my team has lost no wars. I am very proud of my people and I have a father and his 2 sons on my team all doing a great job and a mother daughter also . I encourage my people and we all welcome new members. We have 3 openings currently and may soon have more. No trophy requirements or team power requirements. I appreciate you letting us know if you can’t play for a day or days. Letting us know will prevent you from getting kicked off the team. I promote people who impress me. Join us if interested. Thank you

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