Cheesecake Factory Recruiting - Active Collaborative Alliance - 8*

Hi fellow forum members:
We have three spots in our stable, very active, international adult Alliance. Our members span the globe from USA, Canada, Europe, Oceania. We have strong committed leadership who foster an ethic of collaboration and communication within the team.
We have grown together over months from 5* Titans and are now bouncing between 8* and 9* Titans. We enjoy War and try to bring the best strategy to each match. We are not overly hard-core, but try to learn and grow together. And share a common love for the game.
Due to natural attrition, we currently have 3 spots open.

We are looking for experienced adult daily players TP 3400+, who enjoy the game strategy and hanging with like minded positive people.

My Line ID is stavianz if you have any questions. Or pop in and try us out. I live in New Zealand so I may not be on if you are in the USA, but I will answer when I wake.
Our Alliance is called Cheesecake Factory.

Thanks for reading this!

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Bumping it
We are now looking for 2 more members
We are now doing titans cycles of 3 kills of 8 star then 1 kill of 9 star.
Also war chest is at 23/25 so u can be in a fresh new chest.
We are a core group. All of us play daily. U .should Come. And check us out.

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