Cheesecake factory, 2 opening we need bakers and salesman before mystic titans

who we are

We are a 850+ days old alliance.
English speakers and an international one.
Most of us are above 30 with families so we react as one also in game.
Most members with above 300-500 days together.

what we kill

We hit 12/13 star titans cycles and alwayes kills the rare ones.
We use all war flags! And usually fill the chest in 4 weeks.
Aiming for top 100 in mystic titans

what we want

We are looking for a daily player.
That hit the titan with 100k and above

Team power 4500 and up will be great.

Knows how to read alliance message


Feel free to chat here or pm me in line, ID : jollyjoker1981

We got 2 opening.

P. S
Free cheesecake for new members only today.

Bump bump bump 1 opening!

Anyone that want a new home plz apply

We got a new openings, war chest is 6/25, we are facing 10 star titan now.

If you have any questions pm in line
Id : jollyjoker1981

Also if you are a group of player we can get more space up to 3…

We have 4 openings, 4k teams or above
Check us out

Any group of 5 good players want to marge with us? If needed i can make room for 1-2 more.

Looking for 2 new members that want a quite a solid home before. Mystic titan start

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