Checking out if there could be an alliance for me

VHey y’all.
I’m checking out the alliance market as the one I’m in isn’t progressing anymore, it’s actually dropping titan stars and losing many wars :joy:

Short summary of me and my stuff:
I’m C2P, my 5stars come from luck and TC20, I’ve been playing for 9 months.

Defense team is TP 4279.
I always get diamond chest, my defense team is:

Evelyn +7, Onatel +7, Kunchen +9, Elena +8, Frida +8.

I’m in top 100 from time to time, best so far is #15 as of October 11th:

I’m still waiting for Marjana, Magni, Sartana, Lianna, Joon+++ to replace Elena
or a dart to get Rana from 3/70 to 4/80.

Regarding war and Titans I have the following fully lvled 4stars and other mentionables:

Fire: Boldy, Boldy, Gordy, Scarlett +6, Sumitomo
Ice: Grimm +6, Kiril, Triton, Sonya, Boril, Agwe
Nature: Melendor +5, LJ +18, Gadeirus +19, Hansel, Caedmon, Margaret 3/70
Holy: GJ +19, Wu Kong +19, Danza +1, Li +3, Rana 3/70
Dark: Proteus +6, Proteus, Proteus, Ameonna +3, Sabina +20, Tiburtus

I’d say that atm I do 19/20 war battles and Titan hits - the alliance is in the ‘casual’ category.
My war score is in intervals 350-550, depending on teammates. Usually I’m low when I need to penetrate enemy teams for our weeker members to have a chance.

Four times I’ve hit Titan for +100k damage.
But we are only fighting 7-8stars, I’m seeking higher.

I’m looking for an alliance where I’m the average player, not top 3 :stuck_out_tongue: regarding Titan and war.

I’m looking for a mature LGBT-friendly alliance.
Hugsnkisses :partying_face:


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I have no idea what that means :rofl:

We here at WorldPeaceTreaty are always accepting of new members, please check us out. We sit usually in the 5-6 star titan range, need more members if we’re going to grow to 7+. We did very well during our last war, scoring over 4400. You’d be one of our strongest members but we’re always on the look out for strong additions. Thank you for your consideration.

We’ve fought two battles against an alliance called the Gay Wolves. Gay is kind of in the name. We’ve done a war room with them both times. I don’t know if they are in forum, but they are on Line. Reach out to me on Line if you want me to hook you up with them (Line is is littleKAF). The Gay Wolves May or May not have an opening, but I think they are part of a family.

We beat them both times. They’ll need a little more help. I’d invite you to be on our team but we don’t have a spot right now.

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Reps Lite just did some house cleaning of some bad apples, we have a few spots available. We normally stay at 10* titans, skip 11* unless rare. We found good spot to play comfortably at. We win majority of wars, right around 70%. We don’t discriminate, have a good group and honestly friends outside of game as well. We are more like family with each other, hence why we are recently low on players, we don’t tolerate abuse of any kind. We are part of Reps United a top 100 alliance. Based on your info seems like you would be right along lines of our other top 7ish players.

Feel free to check us out in game. Brothers of the Sword. Sir Wil Wookai is our leader. Line ID is earlverdant if you would like to chat there instead. Currently hitting 9-10* titans and yearning for 11*. So a strong player like yourself would be welcome.

We are a mature alliance currently with 2 teenagers (sons of the leader). Good people. Check us out in the game and good luck finding a home.

Hi N0strom0o,

We’re an accepting international alliance with a great group of folks. We’re killing 9-10* titans, and putting up 6k+ war wins. You’d be a mid-range player in our group :slightly_smiling_face: Come check us out!

Rising Dawn welcomes mature, active players. Please check us out to see if you’d like to join us.

Wow, thx friends for all the replies :upside_down_face::smiley:.
I didn’t expect to have a luxury problem!
I’ll check into y’all later when I’m not at the pub :tumbler_glass:

Something like 10star titans looks fine, I’ve specced Wu for survival, and someone winning 50% war or more seems great.

I’m always theory crafting and min-maxing.
I would enjoy an alliance where I’m 7-15, not top 3 since I’m c2p,
would be more fun to challenge myself trying to beat better players than myself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::partying_face:.

I use Line. :slight_smile:


They’ve posted before, but not recently.

But there’s also @Jamias’s alliance, and he’s been active on the Forum in the past:

Also, if you happen to be a woman, this alliance is explicitly LGBT friendly:


Guardians of Reset might be a good fit for you. We are currently hitting 9* titans. We are very active, chatty and friendly. Your teams and level would put you in the top 10 of our Alliance. Check us out.

Hi, @Nostromoo, throwing my hat into the ring. My alliance is The Padawans:

We’re friendly, supportive and chatty. We’re hitting 9 - 11* titans right now. One of our members is getting really busy at work and needs to remove his alt.

If you check us out, I’m AuthenticTornado340 in the game.

You’d be a great match for The Lumber Jacks but we just filled up. I hope you find a home. Posting here to check back in a month or so to see if it worked out and if we have a spot.

@Math4lyfe @Rigs @WhenWeCollide @Unicef


@Nostromoo if you get a chance, message me on Line (WhenWeCollide). The Crew family definitely has a spot for you. We have several high level f2p and c2p players, so you won’t be the only one surrounded by whales pouring out money for every single hero.

We also have several players, in different Alliances, who push in to top 100 regularly. You don’t have to be the big fish in a small pond.

As for being accepting, we have people from every lifestyle, race, religion, sexual orientation, and even have this really awesome disabled guy in a wheelchair who spends way too much time trying to sell people on how great Crew is.

So, message me and let’s at least talk.


Oh hey fellow crew person. :slight_smile:

I concur with what WWC posted. Hope to hear from you soon!


What they said ^^^^^


@Nostromoo hi there, if you haven’t found a home have a look at my alliance Man Go Loco. We hitting 9s and 10s at the moment and super chilled. Titans are mandatory and war is optional.

You can come try us out. A little over 3 weeks old, all wars won, titans getting smashed. Fighting 9-10* with 13 people. You can hit me up on discord at lurking#5445.

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