Checking in/out of war.. (VOTE if you want a change!)

As title says, people forget to opt out or have at least forgot to or have been unable to use their attacks. This can be the turning point of a war and is frustratig.
Suggestions are: ( ‘-’ = ‘or’ )

  • It could be a need to check in before every war.
  • If a member did not use more than 3 flags the last war, need to check in again.
  • a push notification 24, 12, 6 and 1 hours before matchmaking, asking all players to join in or sit out of the war with three simple,
    reminde me later’ and
    sit out’, buttons.
    If there’s no response, the player should be kept out. Those who have checked in will not receive a notification.
    (Leader and co-leaders, could be sending this push-request, but with a cooldown for all leaders once its done to avoid spamming.

Or just a push notification for everyone when the first round of battles has begun, at the second round and if someone have flags left 6, 3 and 1 hr left of the war.

Agree!!! As per UK GDPR rules we should all opt in rather than Opt out! Sick of chasing lacks player and seeing 6 flags sitting on the battlefield. Extreme to kick out a player for it, any of the above or allow leader to override participation would ensure participation is for active only. Anything would be better than current.

Most logical approach to this issue that I’ve seen

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This would be a great idea - or let the leader remove people from alliance war or add them. That way can’t get angry when someone misses when not been online for a few days.

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