Check out my friends incredible luck in this game

I am here to make this post to make you all incredibly mad/annoyed at the incredible luck that my friend has in this game. I don’t believe in all the conspiracy theories that get posted on this forum, but he is the luckiest bastard in the world that sometimes I truly think SG has flagged his account to give him a special set of improved odds. It’s really unbelievable how lucky he is. Almost all of his pulls are free, single pulls. I know this won’t seem real, but I promise you it is and though I have to be happy for my friend, I also hate him for his extreme luck and I want y’all to hate him for it as well hahahah. Y’all ready to see this ■■■■?? Also, I am only doing the past year starting from last December and I am not including all of the s1 5* heroes he gets (its also a lot).


  • Grimble
  • Snow White


  • Vela x2
  • Ursena
  • Tarlak
  • Poseidon


  • JF x2


  • Marie-Therese


  • Malosi
  • Alice
  • Tyr


  • Clarissa
  • Norns
  • Sif (this may have been June)
  • Heimdell (this may also have been June)


  • Raffaele
  • Myztero
  • C-Lianna


  • Noor x2
  • C-Magni
  • Rana


  • Zocc


  • Bai Yeong
  • Jabberwock


  • Zulag x2
  • Jade
  • Alice (his first time with Hero Academy)
  • Ares (literally his second time with Hero Academy. Ughhh)


  • Francine
  • Gaurdian Gazelle

After reading all this, do y’all hate him as much as I do now? hahaha (obviously I don’t actually hate him)


Also, imagine being in an alliance and texting this person everyday where you are paying for 10-pulls and getting complete ■■■■ every time and here comes this guy getting all these heroes on free pulls.

He is the main reason why I have gone back to free to play because trying to keep up with him has just lost me money that i shouldn’t be wasting. Thanks for saving me money, Greg! Hahaha

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Trying to “keep up” with someone else is how you get yourself in trouble not just in the game but in real life. You do you and don’t worry about anyone else.

And I still manage to win 3/4 of my raids with my 95% S1 bench so … whatev.


It’s not as serious as that. It’s not like he got a hero and i immediately spent money to get even. It was just a phrase. He’s my best friend and it’s kind of become a ritual where every time he gets a hero i tell him he’s the worst person in the world and I’ll never talk to him again, despite texting him again 5 minutes later


I really intended that as a general statement for everyone. I figured you weren’t that serious but some players here are.


I don’t believe that’s only free…
3 or 4 five stars hero’s a month, it’s not possible being only free.

I am free to play level 72, so I get many options to get EHT and quite a lot of gems, finish all events and geting all the lots from all the sources and I think it’s impossible to get that much luck.

I consider myself very lucky with the pools, but I am very far from than…


He’s not 100% free to play, but almost all of these came from free, single pulls. That’s why i made this post to share his incredible luck he has in this game

Agree, this guy spends more than he’s letting on. Way more. It’s just not possible with free pulls.


We have a player like that too in our alliance. Very frustrating! I’ve been saving Epic Hero tokens since summer for the Christmas heroes. I’m thinking about meeting our lucky player IRL to do those pulls. Maybe it will rub off…

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I mean… it is possible. It’s just that the odds are incredibly small. Hence why it is so uncommon to be this lucky

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You say lucky, I say…



I have much more luck then that, so i do not particulary mind it.

He is average.


The last time I knew someone THIS lucky claiming to be F2P/ C2P he was asking for food donations…


He was such a hungry hungry boy. I haven’t eaten in days. Oh look I got Finley!


I totally believe it. I mean, there must be someone like this to balance my incredibly crappy summoning luck…


Are you saying this genuinely or in humour?

Got blessed hero pull usually being balanced with cursed 4* mats.

No such a free lunch by SG.

If he is being blessed by hero pull and 4* mats with FTP account, i would like to buy his account lol :grin:

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When you say “free pulls” does that mean coins purchased with real money…even if it comes as a bundle with gems. I always laugh a little when I hear people on YouTube say let’s get the “free ones” out of the way before they do three 30x. They have a large pile of atlantis coins or something that I can’t fathom they hoarded from the map…

Yes that would be incredibly lucky for f2p :slight_smile: there’s exceptions to the rule of course with RNG




No, free pulls as in he only usually does 2 pulls per event because it’s what he can get through completing the entire event (depending on the event).

Just this week he did 2 pulls in the challenge event and he got nothing. But we both realized we were getting a much higher than average amount of challenge coin chests so he decided to replay the first level over and over and over again all day to scrounge up a 3rd pull and that’s when he got Guardian Gazelle.

Also, i said almost all of his pulls are from free, single pulls. I never in this entire thread said he was strictly ftp. Out of all the heroes i listed, there are only 4 up there that I know he got after purchasing one of the deals. But like I said, almost all of the heroes listed above are from free, single pulls

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