Check gamer not playing titan


(Sorry for my english)

hi, i’m “leader” in my guild. I need to know who play to the game without going to the titan.

Do you think you could add in the list (where we can see score of the fight between the titan) all the player names with “0” or “no attack” to the place of score ?

I hope my question is clear enough !!! :smiley:


You mean see players with 0 Points
at the attacklist?
Nice idea.
Otherwise you can see the points
after kill or escape in the Alliancechat.


Yes :slight_smile:
after is too late.

Yesterday we kill the titan just because we push out people who didn’t
fight it.


I wish to could help you out but i’m still in an alliance and i can’t / won’t leave it.
This game really need a Friend and Mailsystem.


I hope that finaly the alliance will make with real gamer. It’s new one that could be the reason I need to keep an eye on the bad players !!!

I will see in few hours :wink:


Lets stay in contact.
Ingame: Johannes (Germany)
Alliance: Ares Erben (Elder)

Nice to meet some new friends. ^^


When you wanna atk the titan there is a top 3 top dmg display if u click the more bottom a display with all that have atk the titan will be listed. Then u just need to look at the names and the once that not on the list havent atk.


Yes I know but that take time. If they were on the list with "something
written, it will be easier :wink: