Cheating on the War algorithm

Trophies are not used in war matchmaking. Nor have they in a long time.


They stopped using cups for war matching very early on precisely to stop that kind of manipulation from happening.


Hero power is more accurate now than it used to be, but it is still not a good metric for determining an alliance’s potential, so mismatches will still happen sometimes.

Because nothing is perfect? There are a few ways mismatches can happen. But just as often people think they are mismatched and then find out fewer of the opponents team has opted in, or fewer of them participate once the war starts.

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This may or may not make sense.

My alliance is one that you are thinking about; however, it’s in no way cheating the war matching. During the prep phase, you’re setting up your defenses, and if you keep your “normal” defense team, the opposing faction will see your line-up if they tap on your player’s ID in the alliance info. If you don’t want your opposing team to view your heroes, then temporarily during the prep you can change which team you set as defense WITHOUT changing your war team. (Some will view this as lurking or trying to loose cups to gain advantages in raids, but it does nothing in the war ---- your war team is independent of that which you use to defend your watchtower.)

Whatever team you have set for war defense team still shows in war and the player/team power is based on that from what I can tell; not your player defense team. Once the war starts and you can actually see the opposing team’s team…it no longer matters (just like in real war, you never show your side’s strengths to the enemy…)

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I think the main problem here is not cup dropping but the fact that cup dropping players use weaker heroes in their defense teams…those count for matchmaking, right?

No, they don’t. The top 30 strongest heroes are counted whether they are on a current team or not. The top rated troop in each element is counted as well, whether or not it is being used.


and to complete the mantra - extra weight given to the top 5 heroes. Recent war performance.


Attacked with a 3100 equip vs 2600 and lost. Impossible. IF YOU WANT PEOPLE NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN WARS CONTINUE THIS WAY.

Not impossible at all. Team power is far less important than team synergy. Did you stack colors against their tank? Did you bring a good balance of hitters and support heroes? Did you bring heroes with appropriate special abilities to counter theirs? Did you focus your attacks on one hero at a time? Did you ghost tiles through the empty spaces to charge your specials?


All boards are random and can cause unbelievable results. With 18 combo and WuKong in place you can beat 1000+ stronger team. With a bad board full of weak colours you can lose against even 700 weaker team (especially if they have healers). It’s a game.


NO wu kong was there, I attacked, so melendor can´t do a 500 attack to bloodstuck

In fact, I had Wu Kong and I did combo. But no damage was caused.

This is how the raid/aw system works. Your opponent (AI) has tweaked attack and defense stats. Some are saying that stats are increased by 20% ( I think way more) . You can test by yourself. Wu is another story, with his special activated, your enemy almost never misses. On the other hand, you have very low accuracy with WU, so consider bringing displlers when you face him or kill him asap. Remember AI is controlling the board and the power of your opponent, if you have long winning steak you will lose at some point, no matter what.

Woah… Would you please explain what you mean by your last statement? I’m kinda a newbie to some of this. Sharing your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Ghosting tiles, as referred to by @NPNKY is passing them through an empty space without hitting an enemy. You gain double mana per tile for your hero’s specials when you do that.
There’s a listing of commonly used terms by @JonahTheBard, who is one of the mods, on this page.

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@Checkbaby 1. Team synergy means making sure that you brought heroes that work well together rather than working against each other. For example, Hansel does damage to an enemy when their mana gets full. Li Xiu reduces enemy mana. If you have both on your team, Li reduces Hansel’s effectiveness. Likewise, both Kiril and Boldtusk give an attack buff. They don’t stack. Whichever you fire second will override the first. However, if you replace Kiril with Grimm, who applies a defense debuff to the targets, you’ll get both benefits.
Stacking colors means bringing 2 or more heroes of one color, usually the strong color against the tank, and leaving out the weak color against the tank. If you have multiple heroes of one color, their attack stats are added together to figure tile damage for that color, so it effectively doubles your tile damage.
@Paulon has explained ghosting tiles. If you have other questions, please ask.


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Thanks so much for the explanation. It really helped a lot!

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