Cheating on the highest level | TOP 100 Alliances is fake and not relevant anymore- zero points for 32+ accounts hitting titan

People worry way too much about internet fame, man. I don’t care who is on what list, ever. Solves all these problems for me.

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yeah but there are a lot of alliances that take that 100 Top as a quest for their alliance. and not getting there will make some alliances brake apart. Seen it happen a few times already. If the cap will be implemented would be nice.

IF all is as fine as most of you say than that 32 cap on titan hit in top 100 will not change a thing. If alliance want 50 players to hit i’m fine with that, but after 32 hits, the points should not be rewarded.

This is patently false. I can tell you that none of the top alliances here that I’ve been in contact with or been a part of (7dd, cp, aggressive, ritual, 7df) brook any form of cheating. Way back in 2017 right before i joined 7dd, there was a troop leveling exploit that when it was made common, the one member of 7dd that used that exploit was removed from the alliance by leadership. I’m proud to be in an alliance that will do that.

Please retract your not-based-in-fact generalization.


image one of the alliance in top 100. 41 players hit a titan

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Because i cannot be sure of 100 Alliances if they do this or not, I only know about 5, you cannot tell me you know all the alliances that are in top 100… if you are so sure, is there a problem with my 32 cap suggestion? or you don’t want this to happen?

Where’s the rest of the screenshot? That looks like a page from the player leaderboards

Aha-ha-ha. I laughed so hard at this. I’m not retracting anything honey, it’s called freedom of speech. If I broke a rule there are forum moderators and admins to decide. Just browse a few leaderboards of any game with a multiplayer component and you can easily spot dozens of cheaters. From Call of Duty to Battlefield to GTA to Hitman. What makes you think some RNG mobile game is going to be any different or special?

as i said, i will not give the names of the Alliance I don’t want to harm any Alliance, i just want this to stop. Keep in mind at what I am saying, if nothing is wrong in the top 100 as most of the people keep saying as a reply to this post, my proposal of 32 cap will not harm, and just make it more fair right? why would anyone oppose such a measure if there is no problem?

I just took a few moments and looked at several members of some of the top alliances…and while I see several here and there that joined in the last few days, there were very, very few that were in the past few hours to have possibly been able to help with titan hits.

I am sorry to hear that you know of alliances “breaking apart” over not getting into top 100………that is not a place I would want to spend much time if that’s all they cared about.

We all get points for titans, no matter how many members take it down. Our group has no trouble with 10*, usually get all 11* and the occasional 12*……and we are not full at the moment.

I don’t know why a top group, with top players, would need all that help to take down titans.


You still haven’t demonstrated that the problem exists. Right now you have a solution in search of a problem

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the way it is done. from the main alliance only 1 player will go out and and the other will join one after the other. keep in mind 15 flags from good players could total 500k at least in damge to a 12* titan.

as i said, if a staff member will contact me will give all the details needed.

Freedom of speech protects you from the government restricting your speech. it has nothing to do with you making clearly incorrect statements and being called out. Please show your evidence everyone at the top of the leaderboard is cheating and how. I’m curious. I’ll wait and get popcorn.

But until then you’re just some troll making things up on the internet.

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again, if all is good a 32 cap hit will not harm right? will protect this clean image of the alliances in top 100.

Shadow teammates

In Book of Heroes, they just leave the alliance and have no alliance until the next titan. These are called Shadow teammates.

Usually alt accounts. Sometimes people who want quick titan kills. Others hate escaped titans. Many reasons for Shadow teammates. Even more reasons than Mercing.

No loot for you

Empires solution is only active teammates get Titan loot. According to Kerridoc, higher titans give substantially better loot. So Shadow teammates are really losing a lot of valuable ascension items, emblems, gems and trainer heroes.

Reducing crap loot

Shadow teammates will get less crap loot.

Titan loot tier X

Titan loot tier X gives 3 ascension item rolls. An alliance with 30 teammates plus 15 Shadow teammates actually gets better loot than if they formed 2, or 3, alliances.

Lots of effort

Shadow teammates are a lot of effort, remembering which is supposed to be in the alliance, booting teammates after 3 hits, having at least one alt as a co-leader.

The way titans, and titan loot currently work in the game, shadow teammates will continue to be a way to maximize rewards based on effort.

Many Shadow teammates do not care about the leader board. But the high score of a shadow alliance would let new players know they are an active alliance. The function of many in game leaderboards.

It is a “legit” way to exploit the system, similar to mercing.
You keep 2 or 3 more alliances with reserves and double accounts, keep titans low and use spare hits on the main alliance.

As alliance score is not really meant to be that way, i’m totally in favor to reduced points.
Not zero, but less.

As i said I don’t want to harm any alliance i just want for everyone to have the same chance. If all is good in the top 100 the 32 cap will not harm and only do good. and is is very simple to implement.

No need to get your panties in a bunch. What I said is that there are cheaters in leaderboards in multiplayer games. It’s nothing new, it’s been done for years. I’m not going to waste my precious time going through 3 000 accounts just to please a complete stranger. There might be some cheaters and there might be none. I would be seriously surprised if there are zero. Pretty much the only other game I’ve seen with a normal leaderboard is Dirt Rally.

And ultimately I simply don’t care since it has no direct effect on my gameplay. Leaderboards are only for bragging rights- some people waste hundreds of hours and dollars to get there and some cheat. It has no effect on me.

it needs to be 0 to stop. because if it is lower they will still do it. they only do this for the points not for loot or anything else. i know players with 5 accounts…

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