Cheating on the highest level | TOP 100 Alliances is fake and not relevant anymore- zero points for 32+ accounts hitting titan

Hello good people.

I spent a lot of time chatting with other players and other alliance leaders in game, in line groups and I even have seen proof of what I am talking about in this post. The Alliance TOP 100 is a lie at the moment and I if E&P is not aware of this (I doubt it) let me inform you.

Most of the alliance in the top 100 and especially at the top of the chart are using more than their alliance players to take down titans this is unfair and should be reflected in the alliance score.

There are alliance that use more than 50 players tot take down a 12* to be able to remain in top 100. The points given to the alliance in case the titan is taken down does not change if there are 30-40 or 60 players that hit that titan. THIS IS UNFAIR to the all the alliances that play only 30 on a Titan and don’t use their secondary Alliance to cheat in this way.

If only 30 players would hit the titan the TOP 100 would be a lot different! This needs to change.

The points system right now is 400 per each star of the titan. So if an alliance kills a 12* will receive 4400 points. Again, it does not matter if there are 30-40-50 players that take down that titan.

There is a way to stop this. If for example a titan is hit by more than 32 players (lets keep in mind that alliances might change some of their players) the points received from a titan kill should be ZERO! This is the only way to stop this and make the TOP fair to everyone. (This should be a rule for at least top 200 as you do with RAID SHIELD - after 2600 will not work). After an alliance gets to top 200 this rule should be applied.

Yes, the players could still change Alliance between them after the titan is dead but they will lose their WAR chest and most of the players will not be OK with this.

Hope you take this serious and help solve a real issue with players taking unfair advantages of the current rules.

Have a great evening and good luck with heroes and ascend items!

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Could be easily stopped by at least a one day participate restriction to attack titans, but seems to be more like a strategy than a cheat…

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I am in Seven Days Reborn, a top 40 alliance. We have never nor will ever use this tactic. Our alliance facilitates strength in a team and doesn’t allow mercing either. We consistently take down 12*s but miss one here or there. We work hard to take them down as a team of 30… I see why you might be upset but would like to point out that you made some false sweeping generalizations with your initial post.


It is not a strategy. there are Alliances created with a single purpose to get into top 100. Players will be split into at least 2 Alliance. 1 will be a very strong one with players and the other one with players that will help the first one to take down the high level titans.

I’ve seen it done. it’s simple and it works but is not fair.

If that’s the strategy some teams have to use to win, they ought to learn to play the game. I’d say it’s cheating as they are cheating themselves out of fair placements and cheating honest teams out of materials.

I hope I don’t run into any teams that can’t play fair.

Generalizing this claim would be a little outrageous, there are top alliances that do take down higher star Titans, with all efforts contained within the limit of the 30 alliance members.

i know 7dd will not use this, but there are others that use this. I know of at least 3 Alliance that use this, and if someone from staff could contact me I will give their Alliance names. I can’t be sure of all 100, but if 7dd and other would agree to a ZERO points reward on more than 32 players titan hit will see how the top changes right?

So my suggestion with more than 32 players should be ok with all the alliance in top 100 right?

As I understand it, you are saying that once the members use their Titan flags, they switch out and other members in the same alliance family come in and use their flags?

I don’t really see it as a cheat, but rather exploiting the rules/system that are in place, and since not against any rules it is not exactly cheating.

Plus the points from titans decrease over time, so the 4800 for a 12* is not accurate, and unless it is timed perfectly, a lot of members would be getting a reduced loot tier for rewards.

I know, but is still unfair to a Alliance that only uses 30 players… then lets have alliances with 100 players.

Are you saying that there are players purposely wasting flags and leaving alliance with no loot to help the stronger alliance?

oboth of my accounts are in top 100 alliances (7dd and insurrectionists prime) and honestly this is the first I’d ever heard of this. I think this is a non problem though as there’s currently zero benefit to being on the leaderboard other than bragging rights. I don’t think anything needs to be changed but wouldn’t personally be opposed to ~35 member cap (to account for a free friendly mercs who might help out) for titan damage.

But until the top 100 leaderboard actually means anything , I don’t really see a huge problem with it. It’s basically systemic mercing where a huge chunk of the people won’t get good titan rewards. seems counterproductive to me…


yep 100% seen it done just so the other alliance will stay in the top 100. the other alliance will kill 7-8* and the other flags will be used on the bigger sister

That can’t be in my opinion, you will see that players would change multiple times in a top alliance, even if they’re fast in switching you would see if you examine the players, that they only are in alliance for hours. never seen that and looked at many topteam player to learn about defenses used and always have a look how long they are in that alliance, I’m just curious🙂

If everybody is so sure this is not an issue why 35? 35 is to much, why Mercs? you need Mercs in top 100?.. keep it to 32, you will be surprised of how the top will change in the next 1-2 months

Does everyone gets titan loot who attacked it, even if they were in another or without alliance?

What advantage does that strategy have for ranking?

the secondary alliance get loot from their 7-8* titans and the ones from the main alliance stay in the top 100.

No i really won’t and i don’t think it will change much. but good luck getting your change through. This would be better off in the ideas section as it’s. it a bug but a feature request.

if no one sees a problem with a cap of 32 players hitting a titan for full points lets all ask E&P to implement. if all of us play fair and I am crazy this will not change the top 100 or do any harm right?

if i misplaced the topic I am sorry :frowning:

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