Cheating by attackers?

Loosing lot’s of Trophees to a way weaker enemy: how is this possible? My revenge was a piece of cake, but still by far not enough to reduce the loss.

Pls ban such teams as [censored]. See pics.

He didn’t attack and beat you with his team defense.

That’s not cheating, it’s cup dropping.

It’s a little controversial…

The strategy is to post a very weak defence so that you lose cups/trophies. You can then fill your hero chest with easy revenges.


Revenge on cup droppers is to flee from the battle so they gain cups. They get mad. You win.


No matter how often I see these types of posts, they always bring a smile to my face :joy:

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I dont exactely see your problem with [this person].

He is obviously giving away Cups and heros probabely for easy revenge. ( At least he is using a full team. )

If I see a team like this I am either happy to get cheap heros and cups.
Right now this would be my reaction.

Or I look for another Opponent

or if I feel nasty I attack and let him win.

It’s always your decicion what you want to do about it. :slight_smile:

Just so you know, “Naming and Shaming” is not permitted on the Forum. Please see Forum Rules. :slight_smile:

Hi moderator,

Thnx for the reminder, I will keep it in mind.

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet,
Paul Gieltjes

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