Cheating alliances in war

I have noticed the last two Wars we participated in the members of alliances low-balled their team. Buy often putting three low heroes in so the score if killed would be low when their actual team was three times as high. This is out and out cheating not strategy. We are currently in a war against TheAussieAlliance this is their main strategy to win. The alliance should be banned and disbanded. Cheating should cause all members to be banished from the game.
There is no way we can win because the total points available to us is much less than the points that are available to them.
There is no honor Or Glory when you cheat to win. Developers please do something about this…
One suggestion is the next three Wars they have they cannot use more than three star Heroes for there offencive teams.
If you’re going to play, play right and play fair.


Total points? No, it isn’t. Add them all up, and all of yours up, it will still be 2000 each. You can’t change that



there are no traps in the AW.

only strategies more or less easy to counter. This in particular is very easy to counteract, you just have to ignore the incomplete teams


If you saw are board you would realize the total points that are available to us are not the same. This is not a strategy this is cheating.
They leave full teams on their high-powered guys. Then the Lower ones that would have 65 points total only have a total of 45… this issue needs to be addressed by the Developers.
Honestly if you’re going to cheat you don’t need to play the game. It’s just like stealing in real life you go to jail…


I agree totaly with you !

Its not difficult to get 5 heros, so why don’t put AW with minimum 5 heros in defense? Or other, if we get a High level heros we must put them or don’t play the wars?

look at that :

And us we play fair and we let ours lower players with theirs lower teams. So the ennemies, they make between 40 or 60 points many times on ours lower players. And us we only can make between 6 or 12 points on theirs.


here we go again. only the 10th time this same subject has popped up because the OP has no idea how point distribution works.

there’s also no way to cheat in this game. if the game allows it, it’s not cheating.


This has been discussed elsewhere in detail. The answer is that while those one-hero teams may be worth less, the other teams with full defenses will be worth more to make up for the on-hero teams. @jomabesada correctly points out that if you ignore the one hero teams and focus on the full defenses, you’ll make the opponent pay for this losing strategy.

DON’T waste your attacks on one-hero teams.


of course. But on lasts attacks we can’t down a 3400 team even with 30 teams. so they can continue to shoot ours lower teams, and us we can make 12 points. Oh yeah make up do the difference…

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The reason for disallowing this has nothing to do with points or strategy, but simply because for the weaker members of your team, it’s not fun to crush a one-hero, one star defense. and that’s the point of the game and AW, fun.

I’m in agreement this should be disallowed and you should be required to put 5 heroes on defense at no less than 60% of the power of your highest hero (unless you don’t have that many hereos). That’s what I would do if I were in charge.


One thing that is certain is that although the strategy “a hero” is suicidal against alliances top100 if it can work against minor alliances

I mean, this strategy is countered by ignored teams with a single hero. This needs to be easy in a top alliance where discipline is very strong but is more complicated in alliances that are less rigid

In this war two players of the opposing team have used the tactics of “a hero” (one of them putting Kiril as a hero, totally up in a corner). As a colider I ordered nobody to attack those teams, even so, two players did not I took the case and spent three flags on removing these teams

even so it is still not a dirty or tricky strategy. the only ones guilty of not controlling our own alliance and falling into the trap are ourselves

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Thank you for bringing up this issue!
My Alliance experience this in 3 out 5 Wars and for some reason it’s only the Russian alliances that execute this strategy. We are all really bummed out about this, so much so that we are considering not playing at all.


Wow. They’ve discovered an unbeatable strategy. How amazing. I wonder why nobody else ever thought of it.

I guess now you’re doomed to lose. You should use this strategy yourselves from now on and you will surely win every war.

(I suppose I have to post this twice a week now.)


Just save a link and post it in each such a topic. :slight_smile:

Why not if there are weak players that can’t help defeating strong opponents? At least they can collect those 10*x points from single hero defenses.


correct - if they won’t make an appreciable dent in a strong team, go ahead and clear out 3 of those teams and get that much closer to resetting the board for your strong attackers.


One person in my alliance actually suggested that rather than requiring full 5-hero teams, make it so that you can only attack with the number of heroes you field. So a member that fields a full team can attack with a full team, but the member that fields one hero can only attack with one hero at a time. So putting a trap team out when you can field 3800 tp would backfire in a major and delightful way. :wink:

And it came up because we have this issue as well down here at the ~40-45k titan point range. The top player in the alliance has a nearly 4K defense team, but fielded a single graymane. So why should he then be able to turn around and hit us with his full teams each time? Why not limit it so he can only use a single hero team?

But from a war perspective, I can see the benefit of sending out the cannon fodder while your actual army takes out the enemy from a different angle. So… meh.


I was thinking something like; lose an attack flag for each hero you omit from your defence team.
5 heroes = 6 flags, 1 hero = 2 flags. But people would still field 5 1* heroes and carry on the same way, which is what would happen with your scenario too. Put 5 Derricks in your team and it’s still worthless


That would actually be a really clever way of solving the 1 hero def team.
But unfortunately would still allow the application of 5 x 1* def setup.
But maybe a simpler way to solve this would be applying a restriction on hero use so I you field a 1* def team then you are only able to attack with 1* hero’s.
I am sure someone will counter this with well you can put up 4 x 1* and 1 x 5* to allow use of your 5* hero’s for attack.
My argument to this would be I am sure that it would be possible to put a filter in place that you can only go up 1* above your def team on attack hero’s. Therefore where I have 4* hero’s in my AW def team I would be able to use 5* hero as it is only plus 1. I don’t have 5e answers but only suggestions

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I suppose this is covered under don’t waste attacks. If it’s all you’ve got, then sure.