Cheaters hotm Clarissa before announcement

I just saw an user has already maxed hero of the month before announcement.
How is that possible. That not fair.

Moderator’s Note

Image of player’s defense cropped to remove player name by @zephyr1. Forum Rules prohibit naming and shaming.

Clarissa has been available for over four hours. You are wrong to accuse anyone of cheating. This is perfectly normal for people to speed level the HOTM.


Seems legit. Whales can easily pull and max any hero in the first hour of the month.


You need to learn about power-leveling. That user had an unholy amount of trained heroes gathering for months to pull from in the training camps and food to convert out of TC20 to TC11.

They also had a lot of Paladin emblems saved up. You can go from zero to max in under an hour.

I have a video showing me Power-Leveling Telluria on 4th tier ascension. It took me maybe 20 minutes in real time to do the last tier with the 7-8 emblems I added:


As has been mentioned, the levelling of a 5* within hours in entirely possible for those players with experience and considerable resources

As such, I’m closing this thread as an inaccurate accusation.


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