Cheated RNG to waste diamonds on new offers?

I always thought that “micro” transactions are a waste of money when you have thousands of mobile games to play a while and forget. This is what a mobile serves for.
But I dicided to give this game a chance ans I bought 400 diamonds for 2 eur. Added to my saved before, I could buy Atlantis offer twice for 350.
And what? NOTHING good went out. I got TWO 3* VIOLET heroes and what more , only one is an Atlantis type.
In all games, when you PAY real money, you get better result than you can have from normal rng but not here, it seems.
(removed) waste of money and conclusion- NEVER AGAIN any money wasted on this game!
Will play until I get bored, I suppose and I will delete. As many other.

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Getting two 3* heroes in 2 summons is consistent with (revealed) probabilities. So what exactly bug or issue are you reporting?


I mean… at least you didn’t get two Bane… but other than that, it is very much in line with the game expectations.

you don’t pay for better heroes, you pay for more frequent chances.


It was an ATLANTIS offer, costing 350. Announced as something extraordinary. And was giving worse results than normal 300 .

It’s not a bug. The probabilities are revealed and your summon result is perfectly consistent with them. Nobody promised you good result. You were aware of price, you were aware of odds and you made a conscious decision about purchase.
I understand you are not happy with the outcome, but there is no bug. Everything works as designed.


I’ve played many hero summoning games in the past, like Shin Megami Tensei Liberation, Another Eden, even the most F2P friendly one being Fire Emblem Heroes… and all have random odds at heroes from summons, regardless of what you pay. So I have no idea what games you’re talking about but I’ve never played them :stuck_out_tongue:

Being bitter about not getting what you want is totally understandable though, been there before back in February when I chased the hero of the month and failed. RNG is RNG, good luck next time!


There will be no “next time”, I can assure you that :slight_smile: If the game devs don’t understand how the new player’s psychology works, it couldn’t be worse for them.
Nevertheless, 2 eur price for the lesson I got, is not a big waste.


So we can close this thread right now?

You’re calling this “Cheated RNG” as a result of 2 summons? Two? That’s not exactly a good sample size…

Also, when you made your purchase, you didn’t buy summons or heroes, you bought diamonds, then decided to use them on heroes. There are plenty of other things to use diamonds on. Spending real money does not guarantee you anything in regards to summoning heroes.

That is also entirely false. I don’t think you’ve ever played any other game before.

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Typical results based on odds that are posted. At least you didn’t get two dawas like me. Top that @PeachyKeen!!

Maybe this game isn’t for you, but hope you continue and learn to enjoy it. There are many f2p players that can guide you as it seems a few gems really set you OFF.


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