Cheat for battling titans? Is one of my members cheating?


ask this member if he cheats :wink:

seriously speaking, Wu Kong or Ranvir or Tarlak + color stacking + mana items could do the miracles, this member has to be quiet good in managing the boards if his results are constant high

And I’m a cheater and i make 60-70k on 10* titan :slight_smile: .
And now seriously.
Do you know all heroes from the rooster of you alliance member, do you know in what stack he play vs titans, do you know what kind of buff or debuff its using.Its not a cheat its goodarrangement of a team.

After reading this thread, it sounds like someone’s little green monster came out to play. Jealousy isn’t an “Alliance-Friendly” trait to have and if your first thought is “they must be cheating” instead of simply asking what their strategy is, maybe this game isn’t for you, or even just being an Alliance Member isn’t for you.

Still curious how someone could actually cheat in this game :thinking:


You didn’t include some critical information in your post. What did they say when you asked them? Did they tell you their lineup and item usage? Maybe it’s a color they’re particularly strong against. Maybe you think they’re weak because they’re cup dropping with their tower defense. Maybe they just got lucky.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and assume you asked before you posted this thread. If not, then it seems to me that the problem here is YOU. Either you have poor communication with your alliance mate, or you have allowed and kept a member who you distrust for other reasons in your alliance, or you’re jealous, or there’s some other unflattering explanation.


Despite what many people say, this game is not all about luck.
Some people are good, some people are less good.

Apparently he is a good one.


No jealousy just went from barely getting 5k hits to 40k+ consistently overnight. I haven’t accused them thought i would find out if possible.

Have you tried asking “Hey, how did you deal so much damage to the titan?”

You’re in the same alliance :stuck_out_tongue: You should all be helping each other out :wink: That’s how you get to kill higher rarity titans for better loot, by improving together


Yep no response from them

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For sure he’s cheating if he did it legit he would gladly tell everyone.

Haven’t accused them, have cheered them on. We’re are low level alliance with mostly newbies just wanted to make sure it’s not possible. Have asked them on a few occassions but even though we’re supposed to be an aussie alliance they don’t appear to have good English

@IvyTheTerrible have asked got little response but pay off that might be limited English

Would you know what country he is based out of? If it’s flag has a hammer and sickle it very well could be likely and the is other areas he could target … your guild do welll in wars?

@Texas1970 we’re only a low level alliance, mostly filled with newbies don’t even have full house. We do okay agaisnt war teams on same level.

Most alliances were low level alliances when they started. Keep fighting, keep building and most important, build a good relation between alliance members. Keep them hitting the titans and fighting the wars. Share your experience and learn from the experience of others. That’s how you grow.

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I doubt he is cheating. If you want to get a good score color stack. For example, use mostly blue agsinst a red titan. Use buffers to buff your heroes and a pulverizer to lower the defense of the titan. There are guides in the guide section.

When I first started color stacking I was amazed at how much my average score jumped.

Why don’t you take screenshots of your roster and ask us to give you advise on which heroes to use for each color titan?

Oh, I forgot to mention troops. Do you have A barracks yet? Troops are important.


I researched a few useful links to help you. There are more. Research more when you learn the fundamentals of titan hunting.

Best 4* heroes for titans (worth ascending)


Thanks appreciate the feedback

SUPER RIDICULOUS!! His team power is not as strong but can do EVERY Titan Battle at 40-50K damages (even 5 stars titan)! Maybe someone can start taking a look and correct this? Cheating is definitely not healthy in this game!

Naming and shaming is not allowed on the forum.

50k damage on a fairly small titan is easily achievable with the correct mix of regular heroes and battle items :man_shrugging:t3:


I also had question about cheating on titans. Apparently it isn’t possible.
We have team mate that gets 4* materials on almost every titan, titan chest or even regular monster chests.
Official response is: he’s extremely lucky.
Same thing goes for titan damage. I knew to do 80+k on 11/12* titans, and next round 15k. It all depends off board and your luck.


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