Cheat for battling titans? Is one of my members cheating?

Help is there a cheat for battling titans? One of my alliance members is getting incredible scores against 5 star titans 40k, yet from what i can see they don’t have the power or troops to back it up. And they are getting low war scores too.

My guess is Wu Kong plus tornadoes!


Certain hero combos lead to inflated hits, namely Wu Kong and the D droppers


Wu Kong + tornadoes + bear banners + defense debuffers?

Dunno, doesn’t sound like a cheat to me. There’s always a member in a clan who does more damage against certain titans.


The right team doesn’t even need items at that level. I just dropped 131 k on a 5* without items

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have you asked the alliance member?


in 1 hit?

Yeah. I’m usually hitting 12s so a 5 is nothing

  1. stack strong colors vs titans
  2. Use an attack buffer, a defense debuffer, and elemental debuffer

Look in the guides section and you can find specifics. Heroes who are good vs titans and examples of good titan teams for each color titsn.


well then obviously you’re getting big hits on 5* titans - you have a high powered team. we’re talking about 40k hits on a 5* titan with a team that is barely leveled at all.

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This was me hitting a 6* titan


again, you have a maxed leveled team. were talking about a team that is barely leveled.

Items can easily overcome a difference in team power, especially if they stack the strong color.

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Post his team, then we will say how possible the hit was.
A “barely leveled” Athena for example could be better than my 4.70 Grimm.

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@Lilninja Firstly welcome to the forum,

Can I suggest you ask the particular alliance member what team they are using? Also about the items they are using? Perhaps they can post it for others to see and learn from?

When an alliance mate has awesome titan scores I always ask their line up. They always tell me - as that will help me get better scores too and the titan goes down faster if everyone can hit it harder. Good boards help too (although that is beyond our control).


If you are looking at the defense team, you probably won’t know the team he/she is hitting with,Some players may be strong against some particular color of Titans., having just the right 5 heroes.
And low war score could mean a lot of different things : from poor war attack strategy to not having enough war ready heroes…


I agree with Oliz…All you can see is their defensive team. You never know what they’re attacking with.

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It’s sad that the first thought you have , is this player cheating


You can’t see much, actually.

You can’t see what team they are using to hit, nor their items. So you have no idea how powerful that team is, nor how well designed it is for titans.

You can likely see the best troops on the War defense team, but troops are a minor part of things.

The most likely “cheats” have names: Wu Kong is the predominant one, but you can easily load up a number of heroes to do what you want. Kiril, Grimm, Ulmer/Isarnia, Wu, and a fifth can do wonders against red titans, for example, and not seem that powerful.

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@Sparky1, @SirGorash

Wu could be one factor, for sure, but I doubt tornadoes are available, for casual usage, for a lower member of a 5* hitting alliance.


You should talk to your team mate and see what he or she has to say, before acusing him or her publicly of cheating… I’m telling you this, because I did the same mistake ages ago, as a fresh alliance leader…

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