Cheapest Place to Buy

A page about best bang for the buck on various items/offers.

This page is an attempt to answer questions like - "I want to buy XYZ, what’s the least price I can get it for?" Or - “I can afford to spend a little, what are the cheapest summons I can have”.

This is evaluated purely on the monetary value of the item and not based on how much “perceived value” an item/offer may have. There are many factors that can make one offer more desirable to one player than other.

All prices in USD.

Cheapest Summons

Summon Offer Summons Price Offer Price Next best
Atlantis 1 Atlantis D1 6 $0.33 $1.99
  • Atlanits Deal D2 - $2.49
  • Valhalla Feel The Power 15 $0.99 $14.99
  • Valhalla Offers D2 - $1.33
  • Valhalla Offers D1 - $1.49
  • Underwild Feel the Force 10 $0.99 $9.99
  • Underwild D3 - $0.99
  • Feel the Power - $1.499
  • Dunes Dunes Offers D3 5 $0.99 $4.99
  • Dunes Offers D1/D4 - $1.469 (20 summons)
  • Feel the Might - $1.99 (5x2 summons)
  • Challenge Court of Roses T4 4 $0.99 $3.99
  • Challenge Offers D1/D2/D4 - $1.49
  • CLHT Offer Of Souls, T2 2 $14.99 $29.99
  • Offer Of Souls, T3 - $16.66
  • Offer Of Souls, T1 - $19.99
  • Costume 2 Wardrobe Wonders D2 85 $0.35 $29.97
  • Feel The Might - $0.99
  • Covenant Covenant D1, T2 8 $1.25 $9.99
  • Covenant D1, T1 - $1.33
  • Covenant D2, T1 - $1.43
  • EHT Any Seasonal Offer, Saturday 4 $1.25 $4.99
  • Feel The Grace - $1.67
  • Heavenly Treasures - $2.99
  • ETT Magpies’ Emblem Boutique 1 $2.99 $2.99
  • Any Seasonal Offer, Saturday - $4.99
  • Legends Legends Ultimate Offer 30 $0.99 $29.99
  • Feel The Might - $1.42
  • Three Kingdoms Feel The Force 15 $0.99 $14.99
  • Treasure of Three Kingdoms D4 - $0.99
  • Treasure of Three Kingdoms D5 - $1.469
  • Tower Tower Offers D4 3 $0.99 $2.99
  • Tower Offers D5 - $1.49
  • Feel The Fury - $1.49
  • Notes

    1 You need to buy all 4 to get 1600 gems plus 100 coins which gives you 6 summons. D2 offer is terrible for summons only but it’s good if you are farming during Atlantis Rises and need loot tickets/WE flasks.

    2 Assuming you buy all 3

    Cheapest Items

    Note: Unless otherwise noted, the pricing excludes value of gems or any other items included in the offer.

    Item Offer Price Qty Unit cost Comps
    Loot Tickets Annual VIP Pass $44.99 1095 $0.046
  • Monthly VIP Pass - 90/$0.055
  • It’s Raining Loot Tickets - 100/$0.09 PoV - 45/$0.22
  • Epic Tome of Experience Level Up with Experience O3 $29.99 5 $5.99
  • Level Up with Experience O2 - $6.66
  • Level Up with Experience O5 - $9.99
  • Legendary Tome of Experience - - - - -
    Epic Tome of Emblems - - - - -
    Legendary Tome of Emblem - - - - -
    Legendary Tome of Ascension - - - - -
    Aethers - - - - -

    Update 9/24/2022: Based on inputs, I reworked the tables. It is split into summons and items now. Summons ignore values provided by bundled items like ham or mats as those are subjective and will vary based on player’s situation. Same goes for items. You may look at the offer and see if the extras are worth paying or not before deciding if that’s the best offer for you.


    Best For Coins / Pulls Specifically…

    Atlantis Coins

    $8 1600 Gem one (the second isn’t nearly as valuable, and it is $2 more expensive - where you only get 4 pulls for $10 vs 5 pulls for $8)

    …they really need to add another Atlantis offer, or revamp day two :sweat_smile:

    Valhalla Coins

    $15 (x2) for 15 pulls


    $10 for 10 pulls (Day 3)


    The Underwild version of the $15 (x2) for 15 pulls


    $10 for 10 Pulls (day 3)


    The Dune version of the $15 (x2) for 15 pulls

    Challenge Event Coins

    $4 for 4 pulls (x4) - Roses Deal

    Epic Hero Tokens

    $5 for 5 Pulls (x4) (Forgotten Treasures of Ice - Tier II)


    $4 for 4 EHT (x4) during Seasonals (day before the free offer - every Saturday)

    War of Three Kingdoms / Clash of Knights

    $3 for 3 pulls (x6) (day four)


    $15 (x2) for 15 pulls - W3K / CoK version


    $3 for 3 Pulls (x3) (day four)


    $15 (x2) for 15 pulls - Tower version (if they have it)

    Covenant of Champions

    Really, none are great, but all except for the $30

    Tavern of Legends

    $30 for 30 Pulls

    Costume Chamber

    $10 for 1000 Gems + 5 Pulls (x3) (Day Two)


    “Feel the Might” 15 pulls for $15 (x2) - Costume Version

    If you’re good with any coins

    $30 for 32 Pulls

    Tier Two and Three of Forgotten Ice Treasures

    Tier Four of Roses

    Path of Valor

    Any offer with $1 per pull ratio


    This game deserves no single penny with all they do. I did’t spend any of mine since a year. And hope othes make the same. This crasy printer should be stopped.

    Wow this is really helpful thank you !!!

    If I were still spending


    This is great info!

    I did consider using “pull” as the unit for coins but then decided against it to keep things simple and consistent. E.g., some offers require you to buy multiple ones for a single pull and since you get horrible results with a single pull, one may want to accumulate coins for 10 or 30 pulls - so you’d need to spread your buying over multiple offers and/or stack your buying when the offer lets you. As you can see, this brings us towards to the “perceived value” which is a very hard to quantify area.

    However, I think it’ll be good to add another table for “Cheapest Pulls” because most of the time, that’s what a majority of players will be looking for.

    I do appreciate your post and hope others add more like these because all this information allows players to evaluate what works best for them and choose accordingly!

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    Brilliant, well done for this :+1:t2:

    Maybe mention annual ViP too


    Should come with the warning that the “pull” is just the start of the spending process. If you speed up one aspect of gaining a useful hero, you’re likely to be disappointed by the rate of the other walls and have to spend there too.


    @RandaPanduh I think it’s better to merge the 2 tables and instead of making it price per coin, for coins/tokens, it should be price per summon. Summon is what anyone is really after and not taking gems into account may seem to make one offer more economical than other when it’s not - e.g. Dunes D1/D4 vs Eloise offer (see the tables above).

    Another thing that makes it tricky is that if you factor in other items bundled in the offer, the discount changes. E.g., Eloise Dunes offer has a lower summon price if you factor in the 7.5M ham that comes with it.

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    In my post, all I was accounting for was summons only. And since gems can be used via summons, I considered all gem offers too (and if they were in said offer, I included them in the final run-down). However, if you still plan on using your gems for summons, best to buy coins outright instead.

    So essentially came down to $1 per summon, in most cases.

    The $30 for 20 summons are great value if you need flasks, but if you don’t, you’re getting less pulls per $ than you would going straight for coins. Same goes with the food bundles: if you’re actually after summons > food, those feel the nights without gems - where summons are 5 but the total is $10 - aren’t actually the best value (for summons specifically)

    However, if one is after food bundles, the recent solo offer with em - that were paired with the $15 for 15 pulls - was the best value I’d ever seen. Otherwise, the solo ones during Seasonals for $5 each (but I wasn’t accounting for food bundles tbh, even tho most would also find those enticing as well I’d assume)

    So depends on what one is after. However, since summons are the biggest $$ maker, and I know for me - the main thing I budget for and prioritize (I don’t buy mats personally) - I wanted to specify just for them :relaxed:

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    Better to compare via price per summon in USD. If offers include ham or other stuff, better to ignore the additional stuff, making that offer probably more expensive summon-wise.

    One currency. Easier to compare.

    As for other items, again better in USD.

    USA is one of the biggest markets for this game.

    Beep me on line. We can slowly work through your table.