Chatt history deleted? Why

Whats up with the Chatt Window erasing data, all that is leaft is system notificatios?

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This is not the first time…
It have happen at a numerus ocations ?

Another chatt eraze came and swooped all chat like 20 min after or so?
The only thing that stays is system notifications…

This happens friday 12-01-2018 after 10 am swedish time line

It happens sometimes. Probably a connection issue.

Kill the game app and restart it. This will bring back the log.


History came back what is going on ?
Same happens for My fellow players in game cant be an lokal matter this have to be a update or service array from system…

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Fossa, when you notice this, try closing the game (hard close), then restarting.


It’s the servers getting overloaded or other connection timeout for the chat history.

Try again in a bit and it all comes back, restarting forces the retry.

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Thanks for reply

Thanks for explanation

Thanks for the question, @Fossa. My alliance mates are getting quite frustrated. We didn’t see a pattern, just that it was after the update. I’ll tell everyone to try restarting the game, and see if it’s fixed.

It seems to have happened in the wee hours of the morning (when I’m still up to see it), the last three nights in a row. I thought that meant the new update would delete the chat every night.

I hope not!!

Seriously? This happened exactly one year ago, again? Sorry, I thought it was recent!

(Restarting the game numerous times didn’t help, in case anyone else still has this problem…)

Downloading the latest update will help. They released a patch yesterday to fix this.

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We downloaded the latest update and since the update, players in my alliance are facing issues with chat history that became erratic

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KRATR, we had the same problem. Garanwyn means there’s an update to the update, at least on Android. 18.0.1? I installed it, and my chat came back. We’ll see if it sticks. :slight_smile:


I am going to see if it fixes my android issues :blush: