Chatroom Freedom - Recruitment Ads

I think it has not been mentioned before (but might have overread) but the best place for recruiting serious co-players is here, in the E&P forum! Been to several alliances but found my sweet spot alli here!


I have no idea why anyone would ever use the global chat. It’s disgusting and juvenile. My preference would be for SG to get rid of it altogether and direct players here.

An earlier thread mentioned children playing this game and I’d be horrified at exposing them to that!


Yeah lots of crap all the time and serious posts disappear way too fast

For what it’s worth, there really is a rule against recruiting in Peer Support, and SG will chatban people who are reported for breaking it. The only chat where it is actually allowed is Alliance Recruitment.

I block dang near every ad is see in GC. If you wanna talk to people, and recruit through conversation, fine. Trying to help players, then 5 rainbow ads come in, its ridiculous. I side with those that report people that post ads.


I stick to Line, forum, and titanmafia site

Every once in awhile i’ll venture into public in game chats but rarely

AR used to be a lot better before players decided the only way to snag recruits was spamming their ads

General chat is becoming another recruiting chat

Level 20 room started cliqueing up pretty much as soon as it opened

Off topic is just a bunch of dudes tryin to get nudes

Peer support has been 1 big clique as long as i can remember. Few in there i like but the self elected moderators irk me


Nevermind skimmed over it but found it

Watching these chatrooms is like watching the special olympics. Its the same nerds that write in there day after day, month after month, telling eachother what they ate for dinner and what they didnt do yesterday, and acting chat police to anyone that isnt a 24/7 regular.
It’s beyond sad.


I post in both Global and AR and no where else as I know how annoyed they get. I don’t care if they block me or report while players continue to search and are looking in Global for an alliance I’m gonna continue to post.

But seriously all the BS in global is worse than our ads.

Personally I find an accidental ad in PS much less annoying then the PS clique idiotic banter, but that is just me and why I refuse to go in there anymore

Totally agree with scro on this, he has made some good points.

Toooootally agree there should have been chat room monitors from day one to keep fake reports from banning good people and to ban others that bully harass belittle and mock people but then do the same thing!! They need mods ASAP!!! The channels are garbage this is why Facebook removed all game chats because the clicks out weighed their use and made social bullies that others were being beaten down verbally by! I don’t go in them to join a click I go and ask for help or a question the responses if I’m not ignored are regretted immediately after! THEY NEEEED MODSS I WAS ONE FOR 7 YEARS IN A GAME ILL DO IT FOR FREE,! JUST FREAKING HELP YOUR PAYING GAME PLAYERS ALREADY!


I would also mod in AR for free. I’ve offered this.

Mods are definitely needed.

Even us “special Olympic nerds” try our best to help make the chat tolerable for everyone and we’re the ones being reported or banned. It isn’t “bullying” or “policing” or even “elitest/clique-like” behavior when we state facts: AR chat is a CHATROOM. Chatting builds communities and AR really is a community; we help one another as much as possible, even the new or unknown recruiters. Spamming ads really does get you blocked and or reported/banned. Posting your ad 1 time every 3-5 minutes while chatting in between is more effective than spamming.

It’s how AR used to be and it was great before!

If those of us who joined back when AR was a respectable chat worked together to improve it, then maybe it would return to the chat it was.

Stop reporting those of us with creative ads posting a respectful 3-5 minutes apart; no matter what we discuss between ads (unless genuinely offensive, of course); and focus your efforts on reporting the spammers, bullies, perverts, elitests, or outright rude folk. The wrong people are being banned while offensive people are taking over the chats. It ruins the game.


If you want to chat while you are recruiting that is one thing…but people just going in there to hang out, have no interest in recruiting or are not looking for an alliance need to go elsewhere to chat. There are plenty of other places to gather and chat. If you are in AR, you need to be in there because you are either recruiting or looking for a new home, not just to take up space


I reiterate my previous statement: AR is, first and foremost, a chatroom. You never know what people are going through in real life or why they come in to AR as often as they do, full alliance or not, and it’s a community there. We support one another in there, when we can see each other.

I’ve gone in to AR when my alliance is full because I’ve had a player or two that I know isn’t going to work out, so I’ll scout AR to see if there’s anyone looking. I’m sure you’ve seen recruiters offer to make room for “better” players.

Conversation shows who the recruiter is, as a person. It sells the alliance better than any ad could and it’s better than the endless spam or disgusting innuendo that’s constantly posted.

Besides, as almost EVERYONE has said, the other chats have become unbearable. General and off topic have become borderline pornographic, peer support is full of elitest narcissists who barely reply to us lowly outsiders, and the 20+ room goes silent whenever anyone they don’t know enters. Why wouldn’t they come back to the more welcoming AR?!

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There’s a ton of people who would offer to moderate rooms for free, however SG has to consider the possibility that there could be an ulterior motive for wanting to do so and can’t rely on trial and error for finding a good group of diligent chat moderators. It would require a team of paid, impartial staff to watch the chat around the clock, which is not going to be on the agenda.

I’m not in the mood to get involved in arguments over who should or should not be allowed to use AR or elitist narcissists etc, letting the chat rooms and the users within them self-moderate is how all games work, and it can work well, however it would be a hell of a lot better if SG reviewed the reporting better rather than handing out knee-jerk bans for little reason.


I see both sides of this and understand. I have posted for recruitment for both of my alliances in the game. Never in peer support but in global a lot. It seems that there new players that need a home are there and don’t know about the other chat rooms. Peer support is for help and ar is for recruitment but I feel global is for everything. I help in global a lot because that they need also and we are full. So I can still help that way and meet new people at the same time.


My willingness to spend a day fighting through the AR mess actually influences my decisions on alliance booting…


Peek into AR. It seems half the time someone left an alliance or was kicked, and have carried their argument over to AR chat. People wanting to engage in pointless general chat are irked about competing with such nonsense (no one cares about your vending machine lunch!). Actual recruiting is the red-headed stepchild, and some wonder why ad frequency goes up.


Yeah you need to keep posting your ad cause it gets run off so quick by the inane pointless banter…errr, I mean “scouting and showing of one’s personality”…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: