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Posts that get moderated on Discourse get hidden but are a available to read. I read them. So I really don’t see where your confusion is coming from.

Those ones are the most fun to read :joy:

Me too, in fact, sometimes I’ll just browse over a conversation and I still have to read the hidden comments, just HAVE to, even most times I’ll know what they’ll say, just in case they are really juicy, I have to :wink: .

Sorry for going off topic, maybe if enough people flag this, it will get hidden and all those nosy people like me will read it for sure :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry but can you go into alliance recruitment and tell them the difference they don’t seem to know any of the rules nor general and are banning people’s asking for help and their rules! Their using it as a chat dating and explicit room! Ar is recruit yes? And chat about porn wanting to spread their cream on someone’s taco banning people asking because it’s interrupting their chat and the rooms going to fast! Sending line names and using sexual intends to get people to join? Just that you see there is too many unspoken lines here don’t you think? Because atleast 1/3 see it so when and where can we recruit since ar is now a dating porn chat?


Sorry can’t help there. I’m just a normal player. Best I can do is to not go in there.

Take screenshots and show them to support. Maybe someday SG wakes up and do something about it.


■■■ and Toilet humor

Age of Legends/ Dark Galaxy/ Forces of War by Uken Games ( Wiki link ) were the same PvP based game skinned with Fantasy/ Sci Fi/ Contemporary art.

It was infamous for having all account names/ alliance names be R-Rated or X-Rated references for ■■■, Violence and Toilet humor. One day I would like to play an MMO that comes up with a solution besides screenshots of the offending account names/ alliance names, but I have not a clue how to begin. As an aside, this is one of many, many reasons why name changes cost premium currency.

As far as I know, no flags and no mods.

Devs and volunteers, together they fight crime

Book of Heroes owned by Megaspace Industries LLC ( bought from Venan Entertainment after their bankruptcy ). Was a weird hybrid. In fact Lady_Katy their Community manager, was a high level player in Age of Legends.

Anyone could flag chat messages, whispers, and in game mail, but only the Devs could access the flags on their Admin clients. Consuming more and more development cycles as the game gained in popularity ( an attempt at a second MMO bankrupted Venan, not Book of Heroes, which is why Megaspace bought Book of Heroes ). This turned out to be a poor decision.

Unpaid volunteer Chat Moderators could ban accounts from chat. But because it was a freemium game, trolls could easily circumvent chat bans.

Devs could IP or device ban trolls. But the advent of ridiculously cheap SIM cards meant trolls could swap SIMs for pennies.

We will skip the trolls baiting players and mods to get bans, mod infighting, and power mad mods ( yes, yes, every troll claims the mods are power mad, but I have seen them up close and personal. It is not pretty when a Dev has to give a permanent chat, and mail ban, to an ex-chat moderator who has spend $1k to $10k on IAP. )

I am not surprised that Pokemon GO and many Nintendo games have no version of in game chat or mail.

Chat versus Forum

In my experience, chat mod is a totally different skill set from forum mod.

If you every go into a hotel with a complimentary omelet station, you can what a good omelet cook cook 12 omelets at the same time. Very similar to the skills need for a chat mod. And just like an omelet, the only way to make it is break some eggs and cry over some onions.

If you look on the internet for Pokemon cakes, some of them take days and are incredibly intricate. Very similar to the skills need for a forum mod. And just like a Pokemon cake, it is not 100% edible and gets most of its volume from organisms converting the tiniest things into huge volumes of hot, angry, lethal gas that leave behind thousands of empty cavities as they disappear never to be seen again.

An unserved Market

No group of Devs or volunteers can keep up with the chat trolls. I have never seen an implementation of chat 25% as good as the crowdsourced moderation of .

There is obviously tons of money to be made from whoever comes up with a plug and play solution to in game chat besides just not implementing it.


A few thoughts about bans

Forum Ban

You can play the game without ever visiting the forum. The forum is free. You can continue to play the game if you are banned from the forum.

IAP and Mystic Vision

I think second biggest problem with in game chat versus forum can be traced to IAP and Mystic Vision.

Once you have invested heavily in IAP, Mystic Vision or both, you now have a contract with SGG. International this gives you certain rights. While a permanent chat ban is within SGG TOS, they are now vulnerable to a court case.


This always seems to be number one.

Ever Devs I have ever talked to, wants you to enjoy their game. If you are permanently banned from chat, you cannot enjoy their game.

I have never met a Dev who wants to impose a chat ban, even a temporary one.

They will if you make them. But it makes them sad.

Paid Staff

Paid staff can be trained to the same standards, can be monitored for consistency, and can be given access to Admin clients and PC software ( trust me, staff does not moderate from a mobile device).



There is rules set for each room… Not saying you should receive bans or anything but recruit ads anywhere outside AR are, quite literally, reportable.

However, allow me to clarify.

Recruiting Ads = AR only.

You can technically recruit anywhere if one si.ply engages in conversation. Simple, no?


Unnecessary link to Craig’s list. Spam?

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The problems with trying to prevent recruiting outside of AR are multiple with the top 2 being: 1) The report menus does not include the option “TOS violation” which is exactly what recruiting outside of AR is. 2) There is NO support from SG in the form of temporary chat bans for those who Do recruit outside of AR even if they are reported multiple times for multiple offenses. These two things need to change in order to eliminate Recruiting outside of AR.


I just want to see if I’ve got the gist of this thread…

1- Recruiters want to be able to post ads anywhere they would like, despite the TOS rules that clearly state that ads are only allowed in Alliance Recruitment

2- Recruiters don’t want anyone to interrupt their ad posting in Alliance Recruitment with conversations

I miss anything?

I am not condoning rude behavior in any chat, but let’s look at it this way. You are sitting down, having a nice quiet conversation with your friends and some Rando comes screaming in and yelling about this or that. Who’s being rude? The person interrupting or the people offended by the interruption?

Keep ads in AR.


I spent 4 months not knowing how to change the chat room it’s not evident at all.

I clicked both links, but both no longer work. :sweat_smile:

So, it is the players who dislike recruiters that are the problem here? :thinking:

Geez, this is a long thread and there are only three likes for the OP. That says it all.

This is true. I’ve done a bit of recruiting for my alliances, and am surprised at the reaction you got from a fellow player for posting a recruitment post in a room, other than the AR room.

Having said that, you posting recruitment ads there may get your alliance noticed, but might also put potential recruits off from joining you, because they do not want to see recruit threads in those rooms. Just a thought.

There are Line and Discord Recruitment Rooms you could join, if you are still looking to fill your alliance. Also I’ve found the AR area of the forum is quite effective.

Only the brave venture onto GC. GL.

Edit this thread was started in 2018…craazy!

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It is never just one player, or just one ad.

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@Cecyl916 Strongly agree.

This is where all spammers fail… there is a rule…

They even have a special section for when you get reported.


Yes. I was targeted for being full. … people are making up rules. Saying hi and being friendly in alliance recruitment is how you can meet other players and find potential future recruits. There are some that keeping making alts and reporting and getting people banned. It needs to stop they need to get rid of the ban feature it’s being used as a weapon. If they remove the ban feature then they will just block us. Problem solved. Also I wish when you blocked someone it made it so they couldn’t see you anymore that would also solve some of the bullying… I tried to write to the devs … they don’t seem interested. They will lose a lot of ppl if this goes on. The only people being reported are the leaders and recruiters that stay full or are kind. Anyone spamming or typing something inappropriate are still there.


@Tea Thanks for your perspective.

In case it wasn’t clear:

The OP, a recruiter, wants freedom to post their recruitment ad anywhere outside Alliance Recruitment. Regardless of SG’s view that recruitment ads should only be done in Alliance Recruitment. :roll_eyes:

I only venture to Alliance Recruitment occasionally. I had no idea that there are players who will go to the effort of making an alt to report players. :exploding_head:

I can’t imagine you saying anything which would warrant a report in global chat. The report function seems broken. One player unkindly publicised my Line ID in Peer Support recently. I reported this as a serious violation - personal information - and there doesn’t seem to be any consequence from that. I believe the same player has also been chat banned in the past, so they continue to be unkind and disrespectful…

I would hate to lose you as a game friend but unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold my breath for some positive changes to the report function. Haters gonna hate, and report you because of jealousy. That is all on them.

Anyone who knows you can see you are nice and friendly. I even think that you can be too nice. It’s nice to be nice. It’s just the reality that not everyone deserves it.

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