Chatroom Freedom - Recruitment Ads

I recently was posting my recruitment ad in the chatrooms. In one of the chatrooms, there was an individual who threw a fit about my posting ads in a room that wasn’t AR. They reported me for “Spamming”, even though I only posted it ONCE. They said it was “against the rules” for me to post there.
Now, the reason I’m telling this story is simple. I’m here to vouch for the members of struggling Alliances needing members. There is NO rule that says “Thou shalt not recruit here”.
I understand that the AR chatroom exists for a reason. I understand that Peer Support and Off-Topic are dedicated to talking with other players. BUT! There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t have the freedom to post an ad in a room other than AR. As long as the person isn’t spamming, it is not disruptive to the chat in that room. When you post your ad in other rooms, it has a higher chance of being seen. In AR and General chats, it is typically moving so fast, anything said is swept away too quickly to be seen.
I find it interesting that normal chatting is “allowed” in AR, but ads are not “allowed” in other rooms.
If the person who GTFO’d me from Peer Support was so serious, then they should make sure there is nothing but bland chatting in General, nothing but support in Peer Support, nothing but ads in AR, and nothing but chatting in Off-Topic.
ONE person posting ONE ad in another chatroom should not create an uproar. The person who wanted me out for being “disruptive” caused more disruption than I did just because they threw a fit about it.

  • To the people who hate recruiters: If you don’t like my ad, block me. There’s no point in GTFO’ing me or throwing a childish fit just because of one small ad.

I said all that becuase I want to spread awareness. There is no rule that says you are not allowed to post ads in other rooms.
Point. Made.


I can see both sides of the argument. What I cant tolerate is people being rude, abusive or deriding of people due to behaviour they don’t like. Provided the conversation is respectful I can live with it. I think the way people communicate needs looking at a lot more than who posts what where.

Civility costs nothing and fixes most of these issues by its very nature.



I agree.
I was being civil in defending my stance. The individual, however, was being quite rude.

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I also can see both sides, but allowing ads in peer support is opening pandora box. It is the ONLY PLACE where players can go for advice and get it without rolling windows. An effort was made to stop mindless chatter in AR, those who tried were called trolls for it, but it did get a bit better.
There is a lot of alliances struggling for recruits, so they would all feel entitled to publish adds there. If you doubt me, go see what happens in othr languages peer support, just mindless ads and not a single living person in there.
But no one should be rude. I always see pleople in peer support saying, do not post ads here, please.


Listen, I support active recruiting and feel that “haters” are crybabies. Recruiting is laborious and tedious and no one likes it but it MUST be done.
To those that complain about chat room recruiting, There is a BLOCK button for a reason
Keep at it, Jordan

PS-RECRUITING is not the same as SPAMMING!!! or ADS for that matter


No there is no rule written down as far as am aware. That said , if Peer Support wasn’t policed effectively by various people (thank you guys) to stop alliance recruitment ads, then it soon would be a scroll fest of AR ads , and not fit for it’s purpose - which is player help.

Yes there is is general chat in peer support too, but that’s different , its people filling in time between helping other players, same happens in AR channel.

Best solutions would be to fix alliance search function , and maybe provide an in client link to the AR forum here for people searching for an alliance

edited to add all that said there is no reason for anyone to be impolite in asking people not to post ads


I thought you might find this interesting (Alliance Recruitment FAQ)…I found it while looking for Chat Guidelines:

It maybe that Mr. Rude had been at previous times inundated with AR ads in the “wrong” place, and over-reacted. Good luck with your recruiting! Please be sure to put an Ad in our AR section here on the Forum! :slight_smile:


My feelings exactly.

Thank you :blush:

As I mentioned in my topic, I DO understand that the chatrooms have a specific purpose. I don’t post there mindlessly. When I post there, I will check what players are talking at the moment, check if any ads have been posted recently, and judge whether or not to post it. I don’t post my ad in Peer Support or Off Topic to annoy or ■■■■ people off. I do it because, 1. It doesn’t get swept away in the first 20 seconds, and 2. Higher-level players typically avoid General and AR, and I’m looking for them to join.
If I see a friend of mine, or someone who has shown a previous interest in joining, I’ll almost certainly post it.
Same goes for if I see someone who I’ve argued with before. I’ll likely skip it

:woman_shrugging:t2: See I have morals. I’m not being “disruptive” when it’s just one ad.
And I much LESS likely to go away if a person is rude about telling me to get out.

For me, I stopped posting in Off-Topic and Peer Support long ago. I posted in GC but got reported (heh), so I usually don’t bother there either.

AR is hard to track (moves so fast!), but if I’m hunting a new player, I’ll post in the Forum first, then sit for awhile in AR chat and periodically post an ad.

Wishing you all the luck and skill to snag the next one! :blush:


Indeed. “strategic recruiting”…just lay in wait for that new recruit, then pop up a recruitment message. Its’ a bit more “tactical” if you will…


Does it work? yes!

Do that then! :grin:

All joking aside, the people who answer questions are often in the best position to get new recruits.

New players entering the game are gonna remember who—out of a sea of voices in GC—actually bothered to answer their question.

If you have time to give in GC or PS periodically, those players will remember you…and want to join you when they see you are hiring.


FLESHPEELER 2000 proves your point. He is awfully helpful and informative in GC

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Generally it seems to be the consensus that if you recruit through active chatting and getting known then you have better luck then if you post a generic ad and run away. That being said, I do feel for recruiters cause that job sucks, it is a thankless job and very few people actually enjoy doing it. I personally don’t get bent out of shape over an ad unless it is really spammed and then it is just a matter of blocking and moving on.

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i find that the only time i report someone is when asked not to post their ad in PS, they immediately post it a bunch more times.

however even one ad, particularly if it’s long and in bright awful colors, can be disruptive to PS chat. there’s often multiple conversations and help going on and to have a third of your screen scroll by with a giant ad in stupid colors IS disruptive and annoying.

The onus shouldnt be on on the chatters in there to deal with your ad.


Instead of posting your add, you could just say to your “friends that showed an interest” : hey, we have a spot, are you still interested? No need for an add in that case, is there?

You do know that most in AR are looking for higher level players, right? If they all would be like you, that would flood peer support with adds in no-time.

Having said that, people should be polite and not report after one add. And I do agree recruiting is very tedious, but that doesn’t make you right.


What I’ve found in 20+ group and even ar is that there are overly bossy people who tell you, you can not advertise here! This I’ve never saw or had a problem with before in months. Later and most recently I see 20 plus doing the same th8ng but they “think” they own the chat room and report people whom they don’t talk dirty too! Yes dirty. I have seen men’s genitalia in script with it and to put it as gently as possible being finished on screen. Alone with saying come here come there join our group join ours but us posting a come join must be over 20 short banner is called spamming? Another woman was spamming her banner n sucking up talking dirty had said in at you can only post for recruitment every ten minutes. Though she was posting every minute over anyone else’s I blocked as I hate drama. But literally I have never saw anywhere that you cant post in 20 plus general or especially ar and be allowed to be told hey your spamming I’ll turn u in if you post recruitment here again n she posted! It’s threats for power not for fairness! Where is the justice for honest alliance groups who don’t post prophanities n sexual topics to get men in their group n feel they own the chat? The level and balance of power is not fair in these group rooms! Please fix this

The question was asked a while back and the only official wording given from SG was that the only chatroom where recruiting was acceptable was AR (“Alliance Recruitment”). Obviously recruiters will try to recruit in as many places as they can, but they risk getting reported in other rooms.

That does by no means mean that players can violate chat rules by posting crude or innapropriate chat. If you see something that breaks chat rules, report it. SG will take care of the offending party.


Your not alone!!! The chat channels have clicks! They talk dirty disgusting extremely inappropriate things including I can’t say it any other way but sexual preferences and positions! I’ve seen scripted [•••••]! When you speak even talk they haze you! They are snotty rude disgusting make fun of you and any others that are not their clicks when people ask help they get told go to support with nasty comments unless they haze you and say mentally or verbally! This is intolerable! No one should see the sexual garbage drunken talk in ar general peer support 20 plus! They all can advertise yet those they don’t know can’t! 20 plus is a huuuuge hipocritical people! They post advertisements yet others can’t n they report you! But don’t report each other in the clicks! Peer support used to actually be helpful but it’s just become another click! They can talk you can’t and if you do they too make fun of you! They all makeup their own rules where you can and can’t advertise so they can overtake the channel for themselves! My block list is so long and getting longer! I want to know is there specific rules to where and how you can advertise besides being non crude and disgustingly? Because the innocent are being reported and yet the click gets tougher on people! Yes tougher they feel they get the power of the channel and who is and is not able to speak or invite or advertise! They are all channels becoming hippocrits they won’t let you advertise but they will let women say join me and we can talk about sexual positions. Join me we can talk about my [•••••] but with scripting! That way it’s not verbal it’s visible! Join here and I’ll let you lick [•••••] these things should not NOT NOT NOT be allowed you need serious full t8me monitors or stricter policies on the guilty not the innocent looking for a good honest person who’s not vulgar and actually plays not talks dirt for 8 to 10 hrs a day! Seriously are there any rules on advertising in any specific room? And why don’t you have chat monitorstokeep people from being unfairly reported or bullied!

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The only chat room I go into anymore is AR, and that is only when desperate to recruit. The level 20+ “experienced” chat room sounds like a good idea, but the requirement is way to low and yeah does seem to be ad hwavy one minute and next minute you aren’t allowed to post ads. Peer support is just one giant clique now, which is ashame since it wasn’t like that when the room first started. I’m just glad I am in a chatty alliance and have friends on LINE to chat with so I don’t have to rely on the chat rooms anymore for the social aspect of this game