[Chat] Where’s Melendor?

[Chat] Where’s Melendor?

==From alliance chat==

Weird don’t remember getting my 3rd Melendor. Granted I already have 2x Kashhrek, 4x Belith, 5x Hawkmooon, 2x Friar Tuck, so tracking a single healer can be tough.

Maybe the game should let us give them nicknames like Pokémon GO does ( visible only to the owner NOT other players, Pokémon GO learned that lesson with the White House gym/ Secret Service incident).


My nicknames for Melendor:

  • Gandalf / Wizard
  • Beardy
  • Oh Thou Green One



I’ll go fo Russell.

Or maybe Kenny? Yes, Kenny :face_with_monocle:

My names for Melendor:

  • Squishy
  • Squelchy
  • Oi! Where’s my Heal? Lying down AGAIN?!?