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Why have different chat rooms? There is so much chatting going on in the recruitment chat room, how can any new members see your post? Please help or get rid of it.

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AR - Alliance Recruitment usually has more recruiters than recruitees. This means the room moves very fast, and naturally those players who know each other stop to say hello.


It’s actually worse than you think it’s being used as a chat room, recruitment in there is almost impossible


I was there yesterday, recruiting for my alliance. I wish it was less chatty, but I’ve also heard—when the chatty recruiters move out, which they did once—then the completely NON-recruitment people from GC move in.

What to do?

They should allow posts only from:
players without alliance



many alliances divvy up recruiting to various folks who aren’t co leaders. or anyone who’s personable.


I dunno if that would help Zodd. I see many leaders there. It must be said that E&P players are a chatty bunch!

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Oh goodness! And ruin our successful strategy? :wink:
When there is an interesting recruit in rc, then several members of our alliance show up in rc to greet the potential new member.

And yes, when the person joins, he or she is welcomed just as enthusiastically in the alliance chat :slight_smile:

We are a friendly bunch.

And hey, the leader and co leaders have enough to do. Of course the elders and other members help out . Recruiting is hard work.

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Hello. Please answer this question. I can type in chat and it shows up in chat. Nobody else can see if. What is going on?

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Possibly you’ve been banned?

I never got any notice or warning. How long are vans for?

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Usually … ty get a warning 1st … check the email associated with your account I’m so sorry did you try again today?

I’ll look for you in english alliance recruiting room.

This has been going on for a week. Nothing.

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Go to support tab in the game and start a chat with them… hopefully they can help you. Let me know if I can help with anything I’m sorry. You may need to get someone else to recruit :pensive: