Chat rooms needed


General chat is by default off topic. Please make a room that is on topic.

A suggestion: “Noobs corner” for game help.

Also please make a room called “the bar”. Maybe the people that uses game for public display of sexting will drift in that direction.


Yes i agree with you there


Chat moderators would be a great thing. People who could move players to their appropriate chat rooms.


Agree with you all. As someone who tries to help new players in GC…it would be very helpful to be able to move players to the appropriate room!
Many of us who have played the game for a while are very happy to help new players…but balk at the idiocy in GC, and therefore stay away.
I would suggest that a room for players at level 1-4 is created.


I have already suggested this to SGG. It has been rejected so far.
You need Chat Modrators which can immediately shut down the chat, in the German chat there is now so much trouble, insults since the game has more reach.
There would be enough people who would take on ingame pay this work with joy!

German Alliance: Ausbildung Basis E&P


In the English general chat i do not even go in there any more i gave up trying to keep it pg as we say so now i chat on line chat know