Chat room moderators are needed!

IM seriously sick to death of being ignored beat down when I need a question answered bullied when I ask a question or reported when people don’t like you! You have opened up a giant social gang of clicks that make paying customers at their mercy and yet you do nothing!!! I was a mod for almost 8 years this is the same reason Facebook shut down all chats you need more then just rules they can worm around and bypass you need real human being moderators that keep it safe for all and people will not be able to report false claims because you interrupted “their” chat room! And act holier then thou! You need serious game players who are able to monitor the rooms and remove or ban the right people so bullying sneaking past bans to talk dirty or sketch in script and code items on the screen that are extremely disgusting and inappropriate! PICK MODS WHO PLAY IF YOUR NOT WILLING TO DO IT YOUR SELVES,! MAKE SURE THERE IS MORE THEN 8 ON EACH CHANNEL OR CHANNELS LIKE MIRC! So they can see all and it logs chat! This removes bullies and bad behaviors gives the real bans to those whom do need it for behaviors and in appropriate behaviors! If you need real players pick them give them some free things to be incentives to keep the channels safe! Hell I’ll do it for free just to get peace back in them they have become horrific!! Open your eyes your going to end up with so many reporting over n over pilesss of complaints in hours daily and worsen if you don’t help stop it no w with mods!!


SG has unfortunately said previously that they don’t intend to add in-game chat moderators — but that could certainly change at some point.

Here’s their post about that:

And here are some player discussion threads about it:

Please join the discussion in one of those existing threads — I recommend the first one, since SG has pointed to it themselves before, and is clearly aware of it and reading it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Please see the linked threads above. This thread is a duplicate and will be closed.