Chat room for hungarians and romanians

hello. just one idea from tha game chat room. they are many languagese but no romanian or hungarian. they have to talk on global. it is very hard to recruit or to talk with eachother being in different aliances. can you please make a room for us in an update? i think we are enough.thank you

For romanians there is a request already


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Yes my friend, but You If you’re hungry, i don’t think that You don’t ask twice. :wink: So…let’s be good :wink:

Evita…it’s my first time when I use a forum :smile: so i’m not really sure If “i voted” or not, i didn’t see such “button” :grin:

You did not :open_mouth:
Check top left beside Topic. There is a quare with a “2” in it. Click there “vote”. If it shows “Limit” you don’t have any votes left…

Thank’s mate, i’ve did IT. I still have 4 left because i didn’t lied, this was my first One. Really :)) but i will learn, i’m sure.

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