Chat room for hungarian players

Dear Staff!

First of all: Thanks for that wonderful game, what you did, and continously improving it!

I just want to ask you a request more, than a 150 hungarian clan. Currently we are living in an international global chat room. If someone have got any question, we did not help him/her properly, because all of the other nation chatting continously in the int. chat room. That means you cannot find the answer, or you can not see the questions, or just very hardly. The recruitment in the global chat is nearly impossible. Most of the hungarian users can not follow the global chat, because of the different foreign languages. I am pretty sure: you have some database for monitoring the number of the hungarian gamers. I hope this message will find someone, who can handle, and answering that request. Thanks for your time, the name of all hungarian players! P.S.: We can do anything for hungarian chat room, so please tell us, what we can do for that.