Chat propaganda

Just got this at Peer support group, first photo of chat, second of where the link leads.Reported it in game, but posting it here too.


thank you for reporting this

Game Admin n is NOT an official SG name or ID. Beware!

This player was spamming the Forum several days ago with the same web address. This is not officially sanctioned by SG.

Use of cheats can result in the loss of your account.

[edited out webaddress]


Do the SG employees on Live also have a “Staff” tag on to them in chat like they do in Beta?

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Yes. Wish I had a photo of it. I must be more speedy on the trigger!

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Seen two more

And one called “Moderator”.
Seen in german chat


Good job! And definitely report them from within the game as well. That way their account is tagged, and changing their name won’t help.


They probably want to get you to load malware. Don’t load any of those programs or even visit the link. I haven’t tested it of course, but I am 100% sure you won’t even get any gems.


And next one

And like everytime also reported ingame.

Now with new accounts with new names “Hugh” (the old ones are still blocked)

Please keep reporting in-Game as well as here. The Devs are aware of the situation.

I checked the link and it was full of things it wanted me to download before it would allegedly give me a goodie. Ha! Not that stupid. :grin:

Careful Rook! I wouldn’t even open these links at all without using a VM on a segregated network.

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First of all, thank you for reporting this! I have now edited the pictures out as they included harmful links.

Please do report any scammers as serious violation. There are no “hacks” or “mods” for free gems, never give out your personal information which these sites usually are after (phishing)!


Whomever posted that crap, I hope they get a flat tire during a snow storm!


By the way, here is that visual on true Staff posts in-Game:


As you can see, SG Staff have a gold badge.


I just saw another one in the Finnish Alliance recruitment chat, but I’m not able to report it in-game. Is it something that happened with the new update?

Just yesterday I sent a question from the in-game support, but now it just sends me to the website and not to my e-mail app, where the topic includes my account identifier?

i like this curse. i will have to use it.
i’ve always been fond of "i hope they step on a lego and bite their cheek"
i think of it as a lasting curse because cheek bites last for days or weeks if you re-bite it, lol.


Hi, I found an Admin spammer in the chat posting a link for free gems.

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Report that in game when you see something like that please.

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